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NHL '94

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BJFC1CCM1XX9VJDG Play in the Stanely Cup Finals as the LA Kings Vs Montreal GBR57JKGXN1PQLML Tampa Bay Lightning CSOK8M86DY2GH79X New Jersey Devils DWX4BM0PGBXLVW01 Pittsburgh Penguins HZ2ZTRJ50M2HR879 Ottawa Senators HL6N42ZD3F44SNSH Aheneim Mighty Ducks G785443KBYKM2YF3 San Hose Sharks FTBJZ8R1XRT67RWF Florida Panthers FZSPR8BXNNR21T2S Washington Capitol CZLX3SJFVTYLGS1F Winnipeg Jets C40DPDDP79PDD9R5 Boston Bruins

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