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NBA Hangtime

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Secret players

Secret players

Sent in by Chase Stevison For a secret player with max out abilities, enter your name as Kungen. For your PIN number, type 1414.
Sent in by Dennis 2509 Olav 0912 Chris 5555 Nils 6581 Che 6502 Henrik 1911 Johan 0000 Turmel 0000 Divita


Enter these codes with the Control Pad Buttons on the VS. Screen. The Y Button changes the first digit, the B Button changes the second and the A Button changes the third digit. For example, to activate Tournament Mode, press Y, B and A once. If you activate a code, it will also apply for your opponent. 111 Tournament Mode 120 Fast Passing 273 Stealth Turbo 284 Maximum Speed 390 No Pushing 461 Unlimited Turbo 552 Hyper Speed 616 Maximum Blocking 709 Quick Hands 802 Maximum Power 937 Legalize Goal Tending
Enter these codes quickly on the VS. screen. The box with the numbers in it will flash if you enter it correctly. You must enter the code completely before the VS. screen disappears. (L = Left Button, R = Right Button) The box containing the numbers in the lower left hand corner will flash if you have entered the code successfully. No Tag Arrow: Left, Left, B, R No CPU Assist: Right, Right + B, Right, Right + B Rooftop Night Court: Left, Left + Y, Left, Left + Y City Day Court: Down + B, Down, Down + A, Down, Down + X, Down, Down + Y, Down Jungle Court: L, R, Select, Start, Up, Down, A, B, Y, X Unlimited Turbo, Hyper Speed, Max Block, Max Speed and Fast Passing: Up, Right, Down, Left, Start, A, B, Y, X, Select To see a photo of the Funcom development team, enter the name FUNCOM and the PIN 1993. Press Y eight times and A twice on the Match-Up screen for 802 to come up to max out your team's Power ratings. Press Y once and B twice on the Match-up screen for 120 to come up to increase your passing abilities to the max. Press Y six times, B, and A six times on the Match-Up screen for 616 to come up to become good at blocking. When the screen changes from Team Select to Match-Up, hold Left on the Control Pad and press Turbo three times. The code box will flash and you'll go to the game on top of an apartment building. To access the special Rooftop at Night court, press Left, Left + Y, Left, and Left + Y on the Match-Up screen. Press L, R, Select, Start, Up, Down, A, B, Y, and X on the Match-Up screen to play in the Amazon.

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