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Final Fantasy 3

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Game Genie codes

Game Genie codes

Warning, if you are entering any of the Game Genie codes for the first time, enter them VERY early in the game. There are three or four versons on the game so some of them might not work or do something bad (One person tryed some codes when the game had been played for over 100 hours. The game got erased.)

EDBC-5F0E Every time you equip something, you get another one of that thing and you don't lose an item when you use one!!!!! EE17-77D6 Learn magic from Espers faster. 3037-54A6 Learn all spells after battle. DF62-E768 255 Vigor, Speed, Stamina, and 246 Magic Power. BB62-E768 Very low Vigor, Speed, Stamina and Magic Power. AADC-EF08 Always walk fast, no enemies. AA94-E7D8+AA94-EF08+AA94-E4D8+D794-E708 Get Super items after battle. AA2E-E4D8 Everyone gets 6 Paladine Shield's after battle (You lose what ever you are equiped to). AA2A-54D8 Enemies don't give you experience. AA24-E7D8 Each enemy always gives you a certain thing, for example, Exocite, Didalos, Bountyman and Latimeria Tintinabar or Exp. Egg Whelk, Tumble Weed, Wild Rat, and Statter Gauntlet or Genji Glove Rhobite, Innoc, and Trilobiter Gem Box or Dragon Horn 108C-EFD3+108C-E4A3 Buying an item gives you 9,999,999 gold. The items look expensive, but you can keep buying them. AA24-54D8 Your invisible during battle. AA23-E4D8+D724-E708 You don't get told what you get after battle. AABC-576E Using an item increses supply by 24. AA23-54D8 Level 99 experience, even in the velt.
Sent in by When fighting in the Colosseum, Enter the following Game Genie code: AA9D-54D8. It will mess up the battle sequence so that your character does the same thing over and over again. (It all depends on the enemy). If this thing is an attack, you will kill the enemy before he can touch you. If the attack is a spell, it doesn't take MP. Attacks range from Capturing, to Ultima, to Magitek stuff (I've seen Lit Beam, X-Fer, and TekMissle), to stuff the enemies use themselves (Missile, Teklasers), to special attacks (drawing, Lore, Runic). If your guy does something dumb (I've seen Big Guard, safe, Life, Life 2, and more), simply turn off the Game Genie and try to run. Eventually, your guy will fall back in line. You can also use this code in regular battles, but I wouldn't recommend using it on bosses because in some cases you end up helping the bosses out a lot (E.g. the Three Stooges. Your character casts haste on them.)
"Sent in" by Jesse Smith AA23-5DD8 You don't get gold or experience after battle. ED3B-E514 Tincture gives you 999 magic. CC6B-E768 255 abilities, depending on what you are equipped to. EEDB-EDA8 Start with 999 MP and 9999 HP. 3037-54D6 Learn the spells Mute, Regen, W-Wind, Quarter, Cure 3, Warp, Shell, Stop, and Break after battle. AA68-E708 Know X-Magic and Capture. AA28-EF08 Keep geting the gold after battle until you turn off the Game Genie. AA20-77AD You can walk through most walls.

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