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Dirt Trax FX

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Be on top of the building at the Catacombs

Be on top of the building at the Catacombs

Sent in by Mike Reeves Go to the Catacombs go up to the very top of one of the turns, and slowly roll off the corner. You will hang there until you want to get off. You can also go to the area where it has a turn into the mud. Ride on the rail until you hit the wall. When you hit the wall, push up. When you land, brake. You should now be on top of the building.


Sent in by Brainy Smurf To get the Radical, Nightmare, and Doom circuits type in NRWG at the password screen at the beginning of the game.
Sent in by Chris Reed CLRF This is a code to get the 500cc bike and beet the game.
Sent in by Steve Gray HTJV The Forbidden Circuit XFBM Radical Circuit ZDPL Nightmare Circuit
Sent in by Nate Kyle FWAM Last Circut

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