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Pokemon Yellow

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Reviewed by Kenny Flynn

Graphics 9 out of 10

Just because this is a Game Boy game doesn't mean that it can't have good graphics. I love the new graphics compared to the older ones. True to the fact that some of the new sprites for the animals do tend to look a little worse, but overall, the new monsters look 100% better.

Music and Sound 6 out of 10

The sound is the exact same as the older Red and Blue versions. I mean, come on, you can't make the exact same game and expect not to have anything new. The sound of the entire game has improved over the older versions but, that doesn't mean that the game is going to improve as much as the Final Fantasy Anthology over the original Final Fantasy 5 & 6. But I will admit that the sound effects and all other sounds have changed in tonality from the original versions.

Game Challenge 4 out of 10

Let's face it: once easy, always easy! This game's challenge is the exact same from the original games of the series and it isn't surprising. If you plan to remake a game, you need to add a couple of little extras. I'm expecting to find that this game will sell over a 100,000 copies, but it just needs to be unique.

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

Lookie! This game is just so much fun that you can't put it down for twenty minutes. Believe me I've tried it, and it didn't work! How hard can it be to put a game like this down? On a scale of 1 to 10, I give an 11. Why is it so much fun to collect so many different monsters and pit them against one another? Maybe you can trace it all the way back to the early medieval days of kings and queens......oops......I thought I was in Etymolgy, my bad. But this game is so much fun you can't touch it with a ten - foot pole.


The only frustration I have is trying to get into that crusty old town of Saffron. Let's face it, that just plain confuses the heck out of you, doesn't it? Personally I wish you could take out a de-atomizer and fry those dumb little police officers!


Once you get all 150 Pokemon, they're not going to start all over unless they did something tragic like lose a Squirtle of something.....oops..... again. But, no you would have to be an idiot to do something like that.

Game Value 10 out of 10

Even though you have the exact same game on your hands, it was worth the price. Heck I only paid $19.99 for mine, and I love it as much as when I got Red and Blue for my birthday. I can't wait for the day when Gold and Silver come out.

Overall 39 out of 60

Overall, I'll put it this way: This game is too lovable to put down! You can't tell me that this game sucks, well you probably could, but who cares?! This game is one of the best ever made and if you don't like it, you should be drug out into the street and shot! I may give this a bad overall rating, but don't take it the wrong way. This is the exact same game as before and you can expect a rating like this out of a true gamer.

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