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Pokemon Stadium

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Reviewed by Tommy_Lop the Ultimate Pokemon Master One year ago I bought Pokemon red for my game boy to kill time while by grandmother was working and wound up doing nothing but playing that all through by spring break it's that additive. Later I gave red to my little brother and I got yellow and blue. When I heard that Pokemon Stadium was coming out for the Nintendo 64 and all the Pokemon and could battle in 3d using the transfer pack I went out and got it. and man did i get rehooked instantly. I mean who doesn't wanted to see what a Mewtwo looks like before opening a can of whoop butt on an opponent.

Graphics 10 out of 10

Pokemon stadium offers that all 151 Pokemon can battle now in full 3d well it delivers on that problem the frame rate is good and all the Pokemon powers look really good (my favorite our night shade and psychic also self destruct looks pretty cool). the backgrounds look pretty blurry but each stadium and gym you fight in look different and that's OK because your Pokemon now stand out better. My only complaint is that the Pokemon never touch each in battle. For example if you tackel your Pokemon will lounge forward then you see the opponent Pokemon step back form the tackle. oh well it all can't be perfect I guess. One other nice things is that you can now see the pokedex in 3d.

Music and Sound 6 out of 10

Eek so the graphics are great but the sound could have used a bunch of improvement. First the music remember the annoying battle music it played on the game boy. well that basically what plays in the background of most of the battles. Next come in the annoying announcer that keeps saying the same thing until they get older then my Atari 2600. here is another small complaint is that they didn't have all the voices from the cartoon series and instead that they put the cries from the game boy game in there. that the bad news the good news is that Nintendo did a good job of updating the sounds form the Nintendo 64 so when you choose Chaizard it doesn't do a really good sound instead it sounds like it is rouring. But I still don't understand why the didn't put ekans, drozee, magikarp, clefairy, and Pikachu voices in the battle when they have then in the minni games at the kid's club. On the plus side the sounds the Pokemon make when they do moves are totally cool.

Game Challenge 10 out of 10

So you think because you can cream the eleite four in the game boy game that you can take them on the Nintendo 64 think again. When you battle in the gym leader castle. Everybody's Pokemon is at the same level has the strongest of your Pokemon. so the strategy there is not to make sure that you bring a level 100 Pokemon and a bunch of wimps and let the level 100 do the job but to bring Pokemon of different types with the same level. (In other words it is better to bring 6 level 25 Pokemon then a level 70 Mewtwo with a bunch of level 25 Pokemon.) and that is just the game leader castle. now in the actual stadium mode the game is harder cause you can only pick three Pokemon in four stadiums and each stadium has a total of four cups plus extra you can unlock once you get all of them. each stadium also has special rules that you have to follow in one of them all the computers levels are at 100. Strategy will be the key on these rather then bring in buffed up Pokemon. (Note in most there are level restrictions so you have to make sure you also bring types to). This game is easier with red and blue in the game boy game also because then you can do the 150 items trick with rare candy and tms that way you can make sure that your Pokemon will have tough moves when you can only use level 15 Pokemon.

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

This game is just has fun has the game boy. You can play the game boy game in game boy tower so there the fun of that. Then you also get to see the Pokemon battle in all the other modes also unlock secrets and win Pokemon like, Charmader, Bulbasaur, Squritle, Hitmonchan, Kabuto and Kabutops, plus others. that the fun part another fun part is to see the maps in every thing in professor oaks office in 3d. It's is also fun to have the Pokemon you raise in your game boy fight for you in stadium. But if you don't have a Game Boy game pack then you have to use rentals which don't have really powerful moves and the prizes they give you will mean nothing so that score drops to a five without a game pack. But if you don't have a Pokemon Game Boy game it only costs 30 bucks it you can play the actual game through the transfer pack in the game by going to Game Boy tower.

Rumble Pak 10 out of 10

This game doesn't work the rumble pack so instead change rumble to transfer pack. The transfer pack is cool it lets you play and use all your Pokemon on your game boy. It also lets you organize your PC and your party and also lets you store Pokemon on your game boy.


Just because one mode says it is just for beginning type Pokemon 15-20 doesn't mean it is easy. You have level 15 type Pokemon whopping your but with psychic and other attacks. and the fact that you cannot use all of your Pokemon at once and sometimes the computer uses this to it's advantage when you can only choose three types of Pokemon and he has six to choose from sometimes you get your butt woop by the trainer other times you win without getting a hit but on you.

Replayability 8 out of 10

I haven't play the game all the way through but each battle i have fought is different in the game is challenging so expect at least a weak of non-stop playing before you even start unlocking stuff besides the gym leader castles special Pokemon prizes (Note I mean a nonstop playing has only stopping to eat sleep and going to the bathroom)

Game Value 10 out of 10

This game is definitely worth the $60 price I payed but if you don't own the game boy game it is just like Pokemon snap it will probably get boring after a while. but I would still pay $85 to pay both the game boy game and this game. There both fun has is but there are both funnier if you both of them.

Overall 9.9 out of 10

A fun game and is worth the price it will also help you catch 150 Pokemon by giving you Pokemon in places where you have a choice of one only, example Squirtle, Chamander, Bulbasaur, and others).

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