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Reviewed by Marin This awesome hit in Japan was sure to become a hit here, and it certainly was one! Of all the people who have bought this game, I must have been the most confused when I started it, since my friend did most of the first things first and left me all stuck in Mt. Moon. That was at least 1/2 year ago, and now I, along with the many, many, many people was stuck in the craze, and was considered a pokemaniac at its greatest. As we all know, no game is perfect, and I am here to point out the ups and downs to the people who either want to buy the game, would like to learn more about it, or just what people think of the games they love/hate. Read and enjoy my opinion of the biggest selling Game Boy game in history- POKEMON!!!

Graphics 10 out of 10

Graphics were just about as good as they get for Game Boy. I would never, ever compare this game to a N64 game, since the poor little thing is limited in its graphical showcases. It must be one of the best games you can only get for regular Game Boy, since everything, I repeat, everything is made for Game Boy Color. Some of us can't afford those $60.00 things with color as its only change. The pictures of Pokemon are great in this game, and most of them are cool. The back view isn't as horrible as everyone says they are- Not blurry or messed up, it just doesn't give a good picture of what you're looking at. I see run-on lines on my Game Boy Pocket (i.e. Gates have a ghostly shadow that continues in the opposite direction), but I can usually get a great picture. I like the way the screen follows you, and doesn't have to change screens like Zelda DX. Nothing is ever slow, either. The random battle people look pretty good, and come in a wide range of people like: Rockets, Lasses, Jr. Trainers Male and Female, Supernerds, Bug Catchers, Your Rival, and many, many more. The town appearances are great, and no town or gym looks the same. Graphics are summed up in two simple words- Great Quality!!

Music and Sound 9 out of 10

Nintendo has a horrible habit of making the music change every 5 minutes (They must have hooked up with Disney; They're the same way). This is all my opinion, though, so don't get all mad at me if I don't like it but you do. The music was...ok, I mean, it wasn't bad or anything, but was really repetitive. Gym Leader battle music is cool, and the last battle is ok too. Music and Sound are two categories that are hard to explain, and are better heard than read about. I'll try to explain sound, now... Sound is cool. Each Pokemon has their own sound, and every little thing you do has a sound effect. Even going inside a house makes a noise, or turning on the computer. Again, I can't rate them to Zelda 64 or even the Super NES, but the little tinks and conks can make a pretty good noise when used right. Nintendo gets a thumbs up for the carefully planned noises from their computers...I mean it, too!

Game Challenge 7 out of 10

I wouldn't consider this as a rating for a game, since many people would have different opinions on it. I had a hard time playing until, that was, when I got a strategy guide for it. I could have survived without it, but it seemed to help a lot. The game is probably pretty challenging without one, though. But, like I said, people have different opinions on it. For that reason, I am not writing much on this page...

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

The game is really fun once you get into it. controls are insanely easy, and the fun doesn't really start until you are able to catch Pokemon. It is a very enjoyable game, and will keep you playing for hours. I got headaches from playing so much! An annoying thing that nags at you is the fact that Pokemon must be at a certain level to do everything! That means doing the dreaded "random battles" and taking a lot of time into getting your new Pidgey to evolve quickly into Pidgeotto and finally Pidgeot. The game is actually more complex than it appears, and many people might have a hard time getting the hang of it. Your task almost never ends, and you always have the opportunity to do something new. No argument on the fact that Game play and Fun get a big 10!


Ooh, Nintendo got hurt here. The game has many downs...Raising a Pokemon that seems to not grow, Gym leaders kick your butt all the time, and you figured out that the Charmander you started out with isn't helping you out in this game. The game walking is so slow, and I must use the bike all the time! Safari Zone Pokemon (rarer ones) never pop up, and people just walk up to you to fight if you 'look' at them. I guess these are what makes the game hard...

Replayability 9 out of 10

This is a great game to play again, but the fact that you can only save one game makes you wish you would've kept that lv. 70 Riachu... But you can get over it. Not much to say about Replayability...

Game Value 100 out of 100

Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course! It's worth much more than its price. We are very lucky to get these beauties for only $20 to $30! Pokemon is a RPG at its best, and the minor flaws I mentions earlier really aren't important. Like I said, no game is perfect. I really recommend buying this game, playing this game, or borrowing this game! Everyone should play Pokemon!

Overall 10 out of 10

This game gets a big 10! It is very near perfect, and anyone of all ages will enjoy and know this game as the best Game Boy Game ever made!!! RPG's on Game Boy in general get a 10 too, since they give just as good plots, endings, and the good ol' 'walk around 'till you drop' .

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