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Tetris 2

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1-Player Game Codes

AAUEUSSO Speed doesn't increase VNUEUSSO Speed increases much faster TEXAKYPA Start and stay at speed of 25 ZEKESSPP + PESAOSAP Max speed is 2 ZEKESSPO + PESAOSAO Max speed is 10 YEKESSPO + TESAOSAO Max speed is 15 GOKESSPP + LOSAOSAP Max speed is 20

1-Player vs 2-Player or 1-Player vs Computer Game Codes

OZNETPOU + PANEYPAA Every round starts with 4 fixed blocks OZNETPOU + YANEYPAA Every round starts with 10 fixed blocks OZNETPOU + GANEYPAE Every round starts with 15 fixed blocks OZNETPOU + PPNEYPAA Every round starts with 20 fixed blocks

All Games Codes

AAVZVYEA Cannot pause game with START button AVEXOYXZ Don't hide remaining pieces during pause

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