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Books: Nintendo Games Secrets - The Best of How to Win at Nintendo Games
SXSZTPVG Infinite lives--both players PAVXLPLA Start with 1 life--both players TAVXLPLA Start with 6 lives--both players PAVXLPLE Start with 9 lives--both players PAVZLPAA Start at Combat Simulation Stage 2 ZAVZLPAA Start at Combat Simulation Stage 3 LAVZLPAA Start at Combat Simulation Stage 4 GAVZLPAA Start at Combat Simulation Stage 5 IAVZLPAA Start at Real Combat--1st Target TAVZLPAA Start at Real Combat--2nd Target ATSLTKOZ Never lose Pods PAELGGAA Start with V Cannon ZAELGGAA Start with Reflecting Ball LAELGGAA Start with Drilling Laser GAELGGAA Start with Seeking Missile IAELGGAA Start with Seeking Laser

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