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Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth

Sent in by Jared Solovay After you defeat Sogalz, the statue emits a life-like hologram of a woman, who recounts the following long parable: "I'm Sowne, the Princess of Gaia. This, my friends, is a holographic projection. Long ago, on Young Earth, a civilization known as Lemuria ruled the Overworld. Suddenly one day, the surface of Lemuria sank into the Underworld, which was inhabited by my peaceful people of Gaia. Many thousands of years of wars followed as the Lemurians tried to take our world from us. During the Underworld Wars, the Vahn civilization from the moon, took the Overworld and began two cities, Atlantis and Mu. When Atlantis sank into the Underworld, they conquered the Lemurians. Our Gaia civilization was slowly declining from the steady attacks of the Lemurians and then later, by the Atlantians. But in the end, we all destroyed ourselves and our beautiful planet with one last great war, a nuclear war. This holographic projection is our last great testament to the evils of war. Now that we are gone, please heed our warning and always seek peace. For only love, not war will bring peace. Goodbye, my friends, and good luck."

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