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Wall Street Kid

Sent in by Jared When you pay off your debt on the castle, the game ends. Your deceased uncle's lawyer gives you the following praise: "Congratulations! You have succeeded in carrying out the Benedict legacy. Now everything is yours, all yours! You've proven your ability to successfully run a marriage, money and a social environment. To top it off, you've carried out the last wishes of a dying man. You are a real Benedict!" A beautiful picture of your castle then appears. It is followed by a picture [from the cover of the game] of you looking rich and cocky, holding a "top secret" suitcase in one hand and a bag of money in the other, with your foot firmly planted on an even larger bag of money. Below this image appear a series of faces of all the characters you've encountered, with each one delivering a one-line remark, some of them a horrible pun. For example, Julie the jeweler says, "Congratulations! You're a real gem!" and Austin the auctioneer says, "Attend more auctions. I'll bid you welcome!" The music changes to a merry-go `round type theme and the staff credits then roll.

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