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Venice Beach Volleyball

Sent in by Mike Waters After beating a team, your team that you chose is shown celebrating with the word "Vitcory!" below them, as fireworks go off in the form of stars. After beating the third team, after the victory screen is shown, it goes back to the title screen. I must say this is one of the most disappointing endings I've ever seen in a game. After winning a normal match, your team jumps into the air and the members high five each other. A close up screen is then shown of the 2 team members celebrating with crowd in the background and the word "Vitcory!" under them. Fireworks also go off, exploding into stars. It only takes 3 victories to beat the game since there are 4 teams total, but nothing special happens on the third victory. After the usual victory screen is shown, the title screen reappears.

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