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Tom and Jerry

Sent in by Jared Solovay After you hit Tom's head enough times in the attic, Jerry runs to the right (you don't control him) and the screen scrolls, revealing the rest of Tom's body and an imprisoned Tuffy jumping up and down in a cage overhead. Jerry makes his way over the prostrate cat to reach the cage above, and frees Tuffy with the key found earlier in the level. They run off to the right, and a new screen appears. Below the Tom & Jerry logo is this text, replete with puns: "Well done Jerry. That was purrfect!! Your enormouse skill has yet again spelled catastrophe for tiresome Tom. That careless cat fell right into your mousetrap." Finally we see a single screen of credits, below which is this incongruous picture: A smiling Tom holds Jerry and Tuffy in his outstretched hands as the two mice look across at each other and smile. [Apparently all is forgiven]. Eventually the game resets.

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