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Steel Gunner

Sent in by Kartune2 After you blow up the bad guy doctor's helicopter with bombs, The helicopter crash lands on the surface, and the hood pops open. Then the doctor comes out and starts running left and right throwing medicine bottles at you! You have to shoot the medicine bottles to prevent them from hitting you. But, Anyway, after you kill the boss, it goes to the bonus screen and says: Area 6 Clear Mission All Over. Then it totals up your points for the last time. Then it goes to a picture of the fortress for a moment, then the fortress explodes, and both characters escape to the city streets, Then the whole jungle goes up in flames, then it says: You saved the city from destruction!!! Congratulations!!! You are a hero to us all!!! Then it goes to a scene of you at a ceremony with the president thanking you for saving everyone, Then it shows the credits, And after the credits it says, Then it says Thanks for playing our game, Presented by Capcom. Then the screen fades out, and it says, The End. Then the game resets.

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