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Star Tropics 2: Zoda's Revenge

Sent in by Steven M. Martin Mike returns to C-Island and visits Coralcola, whose inhabitants have been transformed into wild boars. A man who has been fishing away from the village tells Mike that when he returned home he found his neighbors in their strange condition, but offers no explanation for it. However, he does mention that strange sounds have been coming from the tunnel he is guarding. Mike enters the tunnel and faces the bones of the C-Serpent, then takes on the bosses of the caverns throughout the rest of the game. At last he enters a strange room with several bouncing objects, which fire shots at him. He destroys the one vulnerable object, and the others combine into the form of Zoda-Z. Mike battles Zoda-Z as best he can, dealing with his multiple shots and his special attack which turns Mike into a wild boar similar to the ones he met in Coralcola. After taking a substantial amount of damage, Zoda-Z reveals his true form: a great hulking thing with power over lightning and fire in addition to the attacks of his weaker form. Mike eventually defeats this incarnation of Zoda and makes his way out of the tunnel. On his way out, he meets the seven space children he saved in his previous adventure. The oldest, Mica, greets him and tells him that they are returning to Coralcola. Mike exits the tunnel and speaks with the Coralcolans, who all express their gratitude toward him. He visits the chief's hut, where the space children are waiting for him. Mike first talks with Mica, who asks him to talk to the chief. The chief volunteers to put together the seven Tetrads that Mike has gathered in his travels (adding that his middle name is "Tetris"). The seven Tetrads combine into one symmetric shape, which glows with power. In a flash of light, Hirocon, the father of the space children, emerges from the shape, explaining that he put his essence into the Tetrads before Zoda's attack on Hirocon's home planet of Argonia. After assuring Mike that he will always be remembered as the hero of Argonia, Hirocon teleports himself and his seven children back home. Mike runs after them as they float through the sky. The credits roll across the pages of the Oxford Wonder World, with pictures of the game's major characters beside them.
Sent in by Rey

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