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Star Tropics

Sent in by Jay After defeating Zoda, a horrendous task, you're still in the spaceship and a screen keeps popping up telling you that you have no time...the ship is going to explode, you blew up the motor before beating Zoda. After hurrying down a long hallway you finally get the last magic shout...I got it...but now what... The spaceship starts exploding and an escape pod falls from's your escape pod. You land in the ocean and you can't drown and the sound from when you die plays. Don't worry the Dolphin from Chapter 2 saves you and lands you on the shore of C-Island. Happy music is playing like from after beating a boss. You enter the village and everyone is telling you congratulations and good work. You meet up with Baboo, Dr. J's assisstant, and celebrates with you with some Cola...your life meter is refilled. You enter the chief's hut and your Uncle is there along with the Chief, his sister the Shawman and Nav-Com. They congratulate you and your Uncle puts the 3 magic cubes together...they start spinning. Than 7 young child-like aliens appear...they are the last of the Hirocon Aleins (the good ones that were destroyed by Zoda). And they are welcomed by the Chief to live in the Islands. Than there's camera shots from further and further out until your seeing the milky way. The credits role...but stick around...than there are pictures from Mike's travels. A picture from the graveyard and so on.
Sent in by Rey

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