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Sent in by Jared Solovay In the final room, the princess is locked behind a gate on the right, and Morbius the Malevolent materializes. The following scene unfolds, with close-ups appearing each time one of them speaks. The distraught princess shouts: "Shadax!!" Alarmed, you reply: "Princess Eleanor!" A sinister looking Morbius says: "Too late Shadax! The evil has awakened!" Morbius is transformed into a blue demonic head, and you shout: "No Morbius! For I possess the staff of Demnos!" The staff emits a beam toward the princess, freeing her from captivity. She walks a few feet forward, and Morbius returns to his human form. Looking terrified, he says: "No.... No!!" Beams of energy emanate from the staff toward Morbius, the screen goes black, and then it says "The End," below which it indicates the number of rooms you visited and what percentage of the game you completed. The credits roll and the game resets.
Sent in by Rey

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