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Sent in by Jared The game appears to end when the artificial brain is defeated. Happy music plays and the two helmeted heroes proclaim, "We did it. The world is safe again." But quickly the ominous boss siren returns and the artificial brain shows them otherwise: "Looks like you fell into my trap. I am just a decoy. This world will be ours." Our shocked heroes exclaim, "What? What do you mean?" "Your home base is probably in ruins by now," the brain informs them. "This area will go up in smoke in 30 seconds. Say your prayers." All the duped pair can say is, "We've been had." They speed away from the enemy fortress as it explodes behind them. They return to their home base, which is in ruins. The artificial brain, much to our heroes alarm, has probably absorbed the energy from something called the "ENF ball" to build up his power. Our heroes battle him in his new mosquito/human incarnation. Once he is defeated, the jeep stops and the helicopter lands next to it [if you're playing with two players]. We see a close-up of the pair taking their helmets off, to reveal an airbrushed Caucasian man and woman--Robert and Stacey. Their leader congratulates them: "Good job. You have fought well. Thanks to you the world will be at peace again. But we don't know when they'll attack again. You must always be ready to fight." The pair salute him and say, "Roger." A picture of a starfield appears and the sun emerges behind the Earth to gradually illuminate it. Below the picture, this text appears: "By early in the 21st century the first battle had been won. The blue planet Earth was back to normal." Finally, we see a picture of the jeep and helicopter against a sunset backdrop, with the word "End."

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