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Silent Service

Sent in by Daniel Bogle This game has several endings to it, which all depends on what scenario you select: If you select the TORPEDO/GUN PRACTICE, then the game ends when you sink all of the four enemy ships. If you select the CONVOY ACTIONS, then the game ends when you complete your mission. Your mission varies. It all depends on what convoy action you pick. When you sink all of the enemy ships in that convoy action scenario, then the game is over. If you select the WAR PATROLS, then the game ends when you fill up your Quartermaster's Log. Of course, the game also ends when you sink. When you finish a scenario, you can put in your name when it tells you to do so. It is Morse code, and it says WELL DONE _____, which the blank is your name. The Hall of Fame resets when you reset the game, but keeps your records as long as you don't press the POWER or RESET buttons. Good luck to all those people who play this game.

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