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Sent in by Jared Solovay After you assemble your special weapon and use it on the Behemoth, it sinks into the depths with the Warlock in its arm. This text is written at the bottom of the screen: "The creature screams in agony, thrashing back and forth in great pain!! In his rage, he grabs the Warlock Lord, and descends into the depths forever. You can hear the Warlock Lords screams fade into silence. Suddenly, it is very quiet. A beautiful light seems to fill the cavern. 'The morning sun,' you say to yourself, 'it is over.' Although exhausted, you lean on the staff of ages and begin your long journey home." The picture changes to one of your character kneeling before a king, and this text is written below: "Word of your historic quest has already reached the farthest parts of the land!! You are triumphantly greeted as you enter the gates of the royal city of Stormhaven. Moments later, you are ushered into the royal palace where you are greeted by the King!! 'I know what thou has done, brave one. The world would be dark forever without thee!!' You are bestowed a kingdom to rule and the king's fair daughter's hand!! As you leave the throne room, you know that although this quest is over, others await. After all, the Bards will need new legends to sing of and new tales to tell!! The first story's end."
Sent in by Rey

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