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Rockin Kats

Sent in by Jared Solovay After you defeat Mugsy at the end of Channel 5, he goes flying out of the mouth of the dog house and into the sky. He flies off the surface of the Earth and crashes into the moon. The moon looks peeved for a second but regains its composure. The image scrolls back down to Earth. We see Willy and Jill looking into each other's eyes with the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline in the background. The sky changes colors and becomes full of stars, and they kiss. A shooting star flies overhead and "End" appears. The credits roll, and at the end, the painful truth is revealed. The game isn't over! Mugsy reappears and says: "Willy, let's fight one more round! I got money and items!" Stripped of all the goods you bought throughout the game, you must go through numerous levels of incredible difficultly (making the rest of the game look like a cakewalk). Eventually you reach Mugsy again. If you beat him, the same thing as before happens, except after you reach the two cats kissing and "End," the game resets (no credits play).

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