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Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom

Sent in by Jared Solovay Defeating Minister Pumpkin allows you to rescue Princess Tomato, and leads to a celebration in Orange Park. Everyone praises you and believes life is back to normal. However, Pumpkin Jr. arrives and attempts to kidnap the Princess. You must face him in a vicious finger war duel. Even if you win, he still refuses to return the Turnip Emblem, but throwing a caterpillar will force him to relent and run away in terror. Then you see a picture of Princess Tomato, Sir Cucumber, and Percy as these words appear: "This is the end of our story! Peace and happiness were restored again in Salad Kingdom. The Farmies were set free to become honest carnivores. Now there will be a place where all vegetables live happily and peacefully. Because there are heroes like Sir Cucumber and Percy!" The picture then switches to the castle exterior, where Sir Cucumber and Princess Tomato have just gotten married, and Percy peeks out from behind a door. The background fades away, leaving only those three figures, and the credits roll over them. After the credits, it says "The End." The game then cycles back to the beginning.

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