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Ninja Gaiden 2: The Dark Sword of Chaos

Sent in by Jared Solovay Once you defeat the third incarnation of Jaquio, the Dark Sword of Chaos shatters into pieces. Ryu carries a prostrate Irene from the fortress as the doorway disappears behind them. Ryu shouts Irene's name, but to no avail. Suddenly, the ground shakes violently, and we see the fortress rumbling. In dramatic fashion, enormous pieces of the fortress slowly crumble into the sea. When the destruction is complete, the shot pans to reveal Ryu holding Irene in his arms as he watches the aftermath from a mountain top. We see close-ups of a hoodless Ryu despondently holding Irene, and he says: "Irene... I'm so sorry. My clan... defeating the demons... none of that matters... now that you're gone." To his surprise, Ryu's Dragon Sword begins to pulse and transforms into a ball of light. It flies around and eventually goes into Irene. She murmurs, and her eyes blink to life. Ryu declares it a miracle and Irene says: "Ryu. What... what happened to me? I feel like I've been dreaming... for a long time." Ryu responds, "It's all right... It's over. It's all over, Irene. The Darkness is gone." Irene answers, "Oh, Ryu. Then... It's true. The part about... you and I... isn't it?" Ryu says, "Yes, Irene. Look. Can you believe how beautiful our world is, Irene? And it'll stay like this... forever." Side by side, the couple stands atop a mountain and watches an enormous sunset over the sea, after which the stars come out and a shooting star flies overhead. The credits then play, accompanied by numerous shots from throughout the game. The final image (Ryu holding the recently revived Irene) fades to black and white, and it says "The End."
Sent in by Rey

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