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Space Station: Silicon Valley

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Reviewed by Zig Man, DMA sure knows how to make fun games! They have been developing games for awhile and now they bring their developing genius to the 64. Space Station: Silicon Valley (along with Body Harvest) are the first of hopefully many games that they'll bring out for the N64. So, have you seen Space Station: Silicon Valley at the store and wondered if it's any good? You'll soon find out..

Graphics 60 out of 100

Well, like you probably have read in other reviews, Space Station: Silicon Valley's graphics are pretty much first generation stuff. The levels are somewhat lacking in detail. But on the positive side, I didn't notice a lot of fog in the distance. The graphics aren't terrible or anything and once you start playing the game, you'll be too addicted to be bugged by it.

Music and Sound 70 out of 100

Again this is another area which won't amaze you. But it does do the job. And some of the songs will get stuck in your head after awhile. The sound effects are nothing special, though.

Game Play-Fun 100 out of 100

Now here's where Space Station: Silicon Valley gets good. It is SO much fun! Whether it's trying to figure out how to get by a bear in a level or just going really fast around the levels with a mouse on rollerskates you'll be having a blast! Defiantly one of the most fun games I've played, yet, on the Nintendo 64.

Replayability 60 out of 100

It does have pretty much levels (30 if I remember right), but it's only a one-player game. So, once you beat it there's not to much incentive to play it again.

Overall 80 out of 100

Overall I would say Space Station: Silicon Valley is a damn good game. But unfortunately if your like me and can get only 1 or 2 games this year, I'd get something else. Why? The fact that it's just a one player game. But if you do have a lot of cash or don't mind that it's not multi-player then go out and buy it! I'm sure you won't regret it!

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