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Yoshi's Story

Typed out by Deezer Yoshi's Story Instruction Booklet NUS-NYSE-USA CONTENTS Story 6 Starting the Game 8 Yoshi's Actions 10 Depart for Adventure 14 Yoshi Colors 18 Yoshi's Answer Box 20 3 _________________________________________________________________ STORY One day, it just happened... Something terrible came to pass at Yoshi's Island. The world became locked in a picture book! The Super Happy Tree was stolen, and this weakened all of the Yoshis. This foul crime could be the misdeed of none other than Baby Bowser! At a remote edge of the island, six fresh eggs hatched. They seemed to be okay. Said one Baby Yoshi to the Little Yoshi, "Oh my! This is such a big problem for us, so newly hatched. What are we to do? We should all talk about this!" 6 _________________________________________________________________ After much discussion, they hatched a plan. By eating lots of fruit, they would be filled with happiness. With all of the Yoshis happy, certainly the world would return to normal. So off they went, headed for the last page of the picture book, the castle of Baby Bowser. When they got there, they would reclaim the Super Happy Tree! 7 ________________________________________________________________ STARTING THE GAME Welcome to a world locked in a picture book! The adventure of the Yoshis is about to start. Before you begin, please read this booklet. Getting Started! Correctly insert the Game Pak into the Nintendo 64 Control Deck and move the Power switch to the ON position. Make sure not to touch the Control Stick at this time. When the demo begins, presss START to display the Mode Select screen. The first time that you play, you cannot access the Trial Mode. First, Let's Practice! Use the Control Stick to move the cursor, then enter your decision by pressing START or the A Button. Selecting Practice will let you learn all about controlling Yoshi. For maximum enjoyment, it is recommended that you do Practice first. Press START anytime to quit and return to the Mode Select screen. Playing Story Mode Page 14 Playing Trial Mode Page 17 8 ___________________________________________________________________ The Options Screen Audio Select the type of audio output that you want. Your choices are Stereo, Mono, or Headphones. If you use headphones to listen, make sure you select Headphones for maximum enjoyment of the sound effects. Language Select the language that appears in the game. You can choose from English (ENG) or Japanese (JPN). Clear Memory This option will allow you to clear your game data that is stored in the Game Pak memory. After selecting this option, pick which data type you want to clear. Be careful, once the data is erased, there's nothing that you can do to restore it. Continue Data Erase the Story Mode game that is in progress. Story Ranking Erase the Story Mode rankings (scores). Trial Ranking Erase the Trial Mode rankings (scores). Clear All Erase ALL saved game data. About Saving As each Story Mode course is cleared, your progress is automatically saved and can be continued later. Additionally, those courses will then be opened on the Trial Mode ranking screen and you can go back and play them anytime. Yoshi's Mood (score) and name entry are saved when you clear a course in either the Story or Trial Modes. For details about Yoshi's Mood or name entry, see page 17! To start a new Story Mode game, erase "Continue Data" in the Options mode. 9 ___________________________________________________________________ Yoshi's Actions Yoshis can jump, eat and ground pound. You might not be too good at first, but with a little practice, you'll be surprised! Control Stick * Walk/Run [ PRESS: Control Stick left or right ] Tilt the Control Stick in the direction you want to go! Depending on how far you tilt the Control Stick, the speed will increase. If you want to go slow, tilt the Control Stick slightly. Try to use common sense. * Crouch Down [ PRESS: Control Stick down ] When things get dangerous, you might just want to crouch down and avoid the problem. You can walk while crouched. * Push Just tilt the Control Stick in the direction you want to push. Some things won't move even if you push them. * Swim When in the water, tilt the Control Stick in the direction you want to go. Yoshi doesn't need air while swimming. For detailed instructions, please see the Yoshi's Story Operation Card. 10 ____________________________________________________________________ A Button * Jump If you use the Control Stick with the A Button, you can jump farther. * Stomp'em Jump on and ride the enemy. You can also step on him and defeat him too. * Flutter Jump Important Technique! Press and hold the A Button. You'll be able to float in the air for a while. This can be very useful. Hint * Before you start a Flutter Jump, push the Control Stick up and you can get to higher places. * When the Flutter Jump is almost over, press the A Button again at the right time and you can continuously Flutter Jump. * Ground Pound [ PRESS: A then Down on Control Stick ] Yoshi's proudest move. Try this trick in many places just to see what happens. 11 __________________________________________________________________ B Button * Swallow Fruit Yoshi's love them - just keep eating! To release fruit from a bubble, break it with an egg, then you can eat it. Enemy If you swallow an enemy, it becomes an egg. Be careful! Some enemies cannot be swallowed! You can carry up to six eggs. Hint * Control the direction with the Control Stick and press the B Button. You can aim Yoshi's tongue in many directions. * You can even swallow during a jump too. While jumping, push the Control Stick and press the B Button. Doing this will allow you to swallow fruit in high locations. R Button * Sniff-Sniff Sniff-Sniff in suspicious places and the screen will zoom in. If something is discovered, Yoshi will tell you. (The more suspicious and nearer the place, the more excited he will get.) Then, pound the ground to see who or what appears! 12 __________________________________________________________________ Z Button * Throw Eggs Important Technique! Press once to make the cursor appear. Move the cursor with the Control Stick to aim, then release to fire! Hint * Besides defeating enemies, you can throw eggs to break bubbles with fruit inside. * If you don't want to throw an egg, you can cancel by pressing the B Button. * Sometimes you can throw an egg and hit coins and hearts that are far away. The egg cracks open with an explosion! Even when an egg doesn't hit an enemy or fruit, it will explode where the cursor was placed. The location where the egg will crack open and explode is important. You can defeat enemies with the explosion too. With one carefully aimed egg, you can defeat enemies even at a distance. The size of the explosion will change depending on Yoshi's Mood. The Mysterious Tulip If you eat a tulip, Yoshi will transform into a large egg. Aim it with the Control Stick and release it to see where it goes. 13 __________________________________________________________________ Depart for Adventure Did you learn how to operate Yoshi? Well, what are you waiting for? Get going and try to clear all of the courses. Good luck! Story Mode There are four courses to select from on the first page of the Course Select screen. There are six pages of adventures for you to advance through. Each of the pages has four courses, but those available for selection will depend on your skill. (See page 16.) On the Course Select screen, move the cursor to the square box with the number on it you wish to play, and press START or the A Button. When you clear the course, the box will turn red. Today's Lucky Fruit? Before you start, you must reveal the Lucky Fruit of the Day. Lucky Fruit tastes better than most other fruit. Press START or the A Button and the rotating fruit will stop to display today's Lucky Fruit. When the Yoshi Select screen appears, choose the Yoshi with which you will play. [ PICTURE: Blue Yoshi ] Hint Lucky Fruit are yummy, but the "yummiest" of all fruit is melon. Try to figure out what I mean! To find each Yoshi's favorite fruit, please see page 18 or refer to your Operation Card. 14 __________________________________________________________________ Collect 30 Fruit to Clear the Course None of the courses have a "goal." Instead, just eat lots of fruit! When you've collected 30 of them, the course will be clear. Fruit can be found all over the courses. Some of them are hidden - make sure to Sniff-Sniff them out! Each course has more than sixty fruit to find. Wow, that's a relief. Apple Bananas Watermelon Grapes Melon [ PICTURE: Game Screen ] Fruit Frame Fruit will be displayed in the order collected. You can turn off this display by pressing the L Button. Smile Meter This indicator will show you Yoshi's Mood. When he eats yummy food, his Mood gets better. When he eats enemies or food that doesn't taste good, his Mood gets worse. Message Block Hit it from the bottom, and it will teach you things. Frown One more mistake and Yoshi's finished. Smile Happy is healthy! If Yoshi is hit once more when the Smile Meter shows a Frown, he will be taken to the castle. You must then start again from the Yoshi Select screen. Egg Block [ PICTURE: Egg Block ] A maximum of six eggs will come out. ? Block [ PICTURE: ? Block ] Some of them are on the ground, and some float in the air. ? Block [ PICTURE: ? Switch ] If you step on it, something secret will happen. Exactly what, is a secret. 15 ____________________________________________________________________ How to Play the Game It's difficult to collect thirty fruit, but with help from useful items and a few strange friends, you can do it. When you clear the course, Yoshi's Mood about the performance will be displayed on the Score Screen. (See page 17) If you clear all six pages, you can save Yoshi's Mood (Total Score). Vase Jump on it and push the Control Stick [down]. Wow! What a miracle. You will transport to another place. Door. Stand in front of it and push the Control Stick [up]. After Yoshi enters the doorway, he'll appear in a different place. White Shy Guy You have not seen too much of him before. He doesn't seem like an enemy though. (He knows some secrets about the Yoshi Select Screen.) ? Bubble ? Bubble is a surprise. Hit it with an egg and just see what will happen. ! Ball If you touch it with your tongue, it'll pull you to its top. You should find it very useful. [ PICTURE: Miss Warp ] I'm NOT your enemy! Miss Warp There are four in each course. If you see her, make sure you wake her up. (While sleeping, she cannot help you!) Jump on her to move from one Miss Warp to the next. You'll progress in numerical order (1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 1.) When a Yoshi is lost, you will restart from the last Miss Warp. Find the Special Heart! There are three Special Hearts hidden in each course. Each time you get one, the number of courses that you can select from on the next Course Select screen will increase. If you get three Special Hearts, you will be able to select from any of the four courses. If you want to play in every course, make sure you find all three every time! 16 ____________________________________________________________________ Trial Mode The courses you clear in the Story Mode will be pasted like a sticker on the Trial Mode Course Select Screen. You can then repeat the course any time that you like. Place the cursor on the sticker and begin by pressing START or the A Button! Aim for the Highest Score! The objective of this mode is to get the highest score. After you clear the course, the result will be displayed on the Score screen. How many [point]s did you get? Collect Points for: Fruit collected Enemies defeated Coins collected Hearts collected Melons collected Remaining Yoshis * For details, please see the Operation Card. Hint Try to eat only the same type of fruit again and again before eating a different type. Just because there is a fruit right in front of you, don't just chow it down, take a look around first. It pays to be a bit picky. If your score is at least fifth, your rank is posted. Entering your name on the Name Entry Screen places it in the rank chart on the Course Select Screen. THE PAUSE SCREEN In both Story and Trial Modes, pressing START will pause the game and allow you to see Yoshi's current Mood (Score). While paused, in Trial Mode, press the Z Button and START to exit the course anytime. 17 ___________________________________________________________________ Yoshi Colors Reds, blues, green and yellow; Yoshis come in many different colors. Each one has its own favorite fruit, but they all like melons. Yoshis Like Fruit Each Yoshi has a favorite fruit, which to them, tastes better than other. Yet somehow, Lucky Fruit tastes even better. If you want to make Yoshi as happy as can be (and get a higher score too), the melon is the best! Each melon that you eat will earn 100 [points]. Luckily, it's the most numerous of all fruit. If you do your best, all 30 fruit you get can be melons... Oh, joy! Every Yoshi likes melons. [ PICTURE: Melon ] See below for each Yoshi's favorites. Have you seen any other color Yoshis? Red Yoshi Pink Yoshi [ PICTURE: Apple ] Favorite Yellow Yoshi [ PICTURE: Bananas ] Favorite 18 _________________________________________________________________ Super Happy and Grinning Ear to Ear Heart Fruit not only look delicious, they make Yoshi feel very good. Eat a Heart Fruit, and Yoshi will become Super Happy! For a time, Yoshi will shine and can do great things. Any color Yoshi will feel this way after eating a Heart Fruit. [ PICTURE: Heart Fruit ] Heart Fruit Eat six fruit of the same kind to make it appear. [ PICTURE: Smile Meter is Super-Happy ] Yoshi is Super Happy! You can hit enemies and not take damage. With a ground pound, all the White Shy Guys on the screen will change to Lucky Fruit. All the eggs you can throw! Yoshi tongues are 1* times as long as their bodies! Green Yoshi [ PICTURE: Watermelon ] Favorite Blue Yoshi Light Blue Yoshi [ PICTURE: Grapes ] Favorite 19 ___________________________________________________________________ Yoshi's Answer Box Well? Have you cleared all the courses? For those who are having a difficult time, let me answer a few common questions. My eggs don't always hit enemies. Why? Where are you placing the cursor? The egg will fly only as far as where you locate the cursor. It won't hit an enemy beyond that point. Also, it's not always necessary to throw an egg, sometimes it's easier to just swallow. When I swallow an enemy, sometimes the Smile Meter drops. What's up with that? Yoshi's not really a picky eater and will swallow just about anything. The problem is, if he eats something he doesn't like, it will make him a little unhappy and a few petals will drop. A simple solution is to not eat the things that Yoshi doesn't like! I fall easily. What should I do? When you are almost done with flutter jumping, press the A Button in time and you can Flutter Jump continuously. Practice and you can float for a very long distance. At dangerous places, stop and confirm what's ahead by pushing the Control Stick [up] and [down]. 20 ___________________________________________________________________ When I ground pound, why does the color of the Shy Guys change? I don't know why they do, but that's just what happens. Yoshis have their favorite color Shy Guys too. When Yoshi swallows a tasty enemy, the Smile Meter will recover. Eating favorite Shy Guys will increase Yoshi's Mood (Score). So, for maximum points, change the enemy color to your favorite with a ground pound before you swallow it. In the middle of nowhere, I accidentally did a ground pound and a melon appeared! How does that work? Hidden in the courses are many fruit that you cannot see. You can find melons and Lucky Fruit too! To find these, "Sniff-Sniff" with the R Button. When Yoshi approaches a suspicious place, the speed of sniffing will increase. When he gets to the exact place, he'll make a noise and let you know. Then, pound the ground right there! Besides fruit, other things might appear too. To get a high score, Sniff-Sniffing is crucial. [ PICTURE: Rumble Pak ] This game is compatible with the N64 Rumble PakŠ (sold separately). Insert a Rumble Pak in your N64 Controller, and it will rumble when Yoshi takes damage, Flutter Jumps, ground pound, etc. With it, you can "feel" like Yoshi when playing. When you use a Rumble Pak, be careful with the following: *Before use, make sure you carefully read the instruction booklet included with the Rumble Pak *Remove and insert the Rumble Pak only when the POWER switch is in the OFF position. *Use care when handling the batteries.

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