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F-Zero X

Typed out by Deezer F-Zero X Instruction Booklet NUS-CFZE-USA CONTENTS The Nintendo(R) 64 Controller 2 Prologue 4 Are you Ready? 6 Grand Prix Race 7 Machine Abilities and Settings 8 Screen Display 10 Practice Mode 11 Official Rules of F-Zero X 12 Time Attack 14 What is a Ghost? 15 Death Race 17 VS Battle 18 Directory of Pilots & Machines 21 Warranty & Service Information 32 ____________________________________________________ F-ZERO The F-zero Grand Prix dates back to the 26th century. This grand race featured the most technological racing machines competing in several circuits (or cups) of fast-paces floating action. It was well known for its wild fans and eccentric competitors. Winners of the Grand Prix received large sums of money and a great deal of prestige. Due to the large number of injured participants, the Grand Prix was canceled several years ago. The History of F-ZERO It is said that F-Zero derives from the old F-1 Race of the 20th and 21st centuries and the F-Max Grand Prix of the 24th century. Over the years, races became influenced by wealthy ex-space merchants. They thought that a fast and violent race would be a great way to get people to gamble, so the ex-merchants established the F-Zero Execution Project. *F-Zero Machines By using an opposing-gravity system called the "G-Diffuser System," these machines can drive at high speeds hovering just inches above ground. Using their ultra-compact plasma engines, their maximum speeds can exceed the speed of sound. *F-Zero Circuits Courses for F-Zero are set high above cities. Some cities have multiple circuits--circuits not used for the Grand Prix are open to pilots for practice. *Excerpts taken from the Universal Encyclopedia. 4 _________________________________________________________ F-ZERO X GRAND PRIX OPENING NOTIFICATION Attention all F-Zero pilots: As you know, due to the many accidents and dangers involved, the Grand Prix was discontinued for several years. Thanks to the support of many fans, the race will continue! We have changed the competition's name to the F-ZERO X GP and have revised the rules and regulations. Here's to the return of a great competition! We wish you all success! F-Zero X Execution Project 5 ________________________________________________________ ARE YOU READY? Getting Started On each select screen, the START or A Button will always confirm your selections. Press the B Button to cancel and return to the previous screen. Correctly insert the F-Zero X Game Pak into your Nintendo 64 system and move the POWER switch to the ON position. When the Title screen appears, press START to access the Main Menu. Use the Control Stick to select the desired game mode. TIME ATTACK Race solo and go for the best time (p. 14)! DEATH RACE Try and put every other machine out of commission (p. 17)! VS BATTLE Two to four players can race against each other (p. 18). GP RACE The main game (p. 7)! PRACTICE Practice racing any of the tracks in Grand Prix mode (p. 11). OPTIONS Set options for VS mode, sound and clearing saved data. (p. 18). 6 _______________________________________________________ GRAND PRIX RACE Twenty-nine other contestants will race against you in this one-player circuit. Select Class Before jumping into the Grand Prix, you'll need to select a difficulty level: Novice, Standard or Expert. The higher the difficulty level, the tougher your opponents. Select Course Now you need to select a Cup (or Circuit). There are three Cups to choose from, each consisting of six courses. Drivers with little experience might want to start with an easier Cup. JACK CUP Beginner QUEEN CUP Intermediate KING CUP Expert Select a Cup, and a brief explanation of the first course will appear at the bottom of the screen. Press the A Button to advance to the Select Machine screen. 7 _______________________________________________________ This page is very important, so please read it thoroughly. MACHINE ABILITIES AND SETTINGS There are 30 machines in total, but you can only select the top six machines at first. Each machine has different abilities. Body, Boost and Grip are rated A - E (A being best and E being worst) and appear on the left side of the screen. BODY Body deals with a machine's durability. A machine with a high durability rating will take less damage when crashing into other machines or guard rails. BOOST If you select a machine with a high Boost rating, your speed will dramatically increase every time you use Boost (p. 10). GRIP A higher Grip rating means your machine will hug curves (or curved surfaces) better. MORE MACHINES Every time you win a Cup, an "X" mark will appear on the Course Select screen. When you get three "X" marks, you will be able to select from the second row of machines. The third row of machines will become available when you receive six "X" marks and the fourth row when you receive nine. ? There are three classes with three Cups. That means you can get a total of nine "X" marks. But that only lets you select from 24 machines! Herein lies the mystery: Can you find a way to open up the final row of machines? 8 _________________________________________________________ ENGINE SETTINGS After selecting a machine, you can adjust the engine settings. Adjusting the settings customizes your machine. You can customize it towards acceleration or maximum speed. Press LEFT and RIGHT on the Control Stick to move the arrow. Press the R or Z Button to change the color of the machine. Press the C Buttons to rotate your machines and get a better look. ACCELERATION It's great for the technical courses that have lots of corners. It's also great for quick starts and makes drifting easier. When you drive through the dart zone (p. 13), your speed won't decrease as easily. However, your Maximum Speed, Boost and Grip power will decrease. MAXIMUM SPEED Try customizing your machine this way for those high-speed courses with straight roads. Maximum Speed, Boost and Grip power increase slightly, but you won't get those quick starts, and drifting will be a problem. Abilities and You Each machine is unique, and its abilities depend on its size and weight. +============================================================================+ | ||Accel.|Max. speed|Boost |Grip |Turning|Crashing into other machines | |=====||======|==========|======|=====|=======|==============================| |Light||Good |Slow |Strong|Good |Quick |Heavy machines will effect you| |-----||------|----------|------|-----|-------|------------------------------| |Heavy||Bad |Fast |Weak |Bad |Slow |Not a problem | +============================================================================+ 9 _________________________________________________________ SCREEN DISPLAY For controller operation, please see the attached Operation Card. Energy Meter As your machine takes damage, your energy meter gradually reduces. When the meter turns black, your machine will explode, and you'll RETIRE. When you are on lap number two, the meter color will change from red to green. This means you'll be able to use Boost. You can use Boost as often as you want, but every time you use it, your energy will decrease. Recover energy in the Pit Area (p. 13). [ PICTURE: GP Screen ] Time Lap time briefly appears each time you pass the finish line. Top Six The top six driver pictures will appear here. If the order changes, the pictures will change as well. Number of Rivals You've Retired When you retire a rival, you'll get a star. Each star will slightly replenish your energy meter. For every five stars, you'll receive an extra machine. Rival Check Mark When a rival approaches, this mark will appear. Spare Machine Number of remaining machines (p. 13). Course Radar Green square = Player, Blue square = Leader Pause Screen [ PICTURE: Pause Screen ] *Continue Continue the race *Retry Restart the race from the beginning. You will lose one machine. *Settings You can readjust machine settings and retry. You will lose one spare machine. *Quit Quit and return to the Select Mode screen. If you do not have a spare machine, RETRY and SETTINGS will not be available. 10 ________________________________________________________ Time Difference Each time you complete a lap, the time difference between you and the lead machine will appear in the center of the screen. If you are in the lead, the time difference between you and the second place machine will appear. Press the L Button to make the time difference appear under TIME. Rivals For the second Cup race, and every race afterwards, a Rival Mark will appear on the first place machine (if you are in first place, it will appear on the second place machine). A successful cup run means you need to pay attention to the score. If your rival has a large point lead, you'll need to figure out a way to get him/her to retire. PRACTICE On the Select Mode screen, select PRACTICE and you can practice the GP (with rivals) in the Cup course of your choosing. After selecting the difficulty and Cup, choose the desired course by pressing LEFT and RIGHT on the Control Stick. The same machines that are available in GP will be available in PRACTICE. While driving, you can pause the game and try a different machine and/or course. This is a good way to see which machines are good for which course. *There is no limit to the number of laps. Only the lap time will be displayed. *You can use Boost at any time. 11 _______________________________________________________ OFFICIAL RULES OF F-ZERO X These are the official rules of the F-Zero X Grand Prix as established by the F-Zero X Execution project. Adherence to these rules is mandatory for each pilot wishing to participate in the GP. 1: Standard Rules 1-1 To complete a Cup, you must finish all six courses. 1-2 Each course consists of three laps. Rank will be determined at the finish of the race. 1-3 Your start position will depend on your rank from the previous race. The closer you finish a race to first place, the further from start you will be in the next race. For example, if you finish 1st in the first race, you'll start 30th in the second race. 1-4 A driver who completes a course will receive points. These points will depend on where you finish. The driver with the most points at the end of the sixth course will be declared the winner. +==========================================================================+ |Rank: | 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| 9|10|11|12|13|14|15|16|17|18|19|20|21|22| |-------|---|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--| |Point: |100|93|87|81|76|71|66|62|58|54|50|47|44|41|38|35|33|31|29|27|25|23| |++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++| |Rank: |23|24|25|26|27|28|29|30| | |-------|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--| | |Point: |22|21|20|19|18|17|16|15| | +==========================================================================+ Total Score and Rank The red and blue triangles indicate movement in the overall rankings. 1-5 After all six courses are completed, if two or more pilots are in first place, the driver who placed first more often will be the winner. If there's still a problem deciding a winner, whoever has the highest total points after the 6 courses are completed will be the winner. 2: Retire 2-1 If a machine loses a race badly, falls off the course or if the Energy Meter is completely black, the pilot will be forced to RETIRE. Their machine will be totaled by the Execution Project. 2-2 If the pilot decides to RETRY or CHANGE SETTINGS during a race, it will be treated as a RETIRE and rule 2-1 will be enforced. 12 ______________________________________________________ 3: Spare Machines and Retrying 3-1 A pilot participating in a Cup will be allowed to have spare machines. Only when a pilot has a spare machine will he or she be allowed to RETIRE and retry a race. 3-2 In Novice Mode, a pilot will have five spare machines. Four will be available in Standard and three in Expert. One spare machine will be given to a pilot each time he or she retires five competitor machines. 3-3 If a pilot retires and has no spare machine, the game will be over. 4: Prohibited Action 4-1 Boost is prohibited during the first lap of every race. 4-2 If a pilot is driving the wrong way, the Execution Project will issue a REVERSE warning. The pilot MUST immediately change directions. 5: Establishments on the Course 5-1 Pilots have the right to replenish their Energy Meter in the Pit Area. The amount of energy recovered depends on how much time a pilot spends in the Pit Area. 5-2 The following course establishments are necessary for competition. Pilots may not dispute or disclaim their existence. Dash Plate Speed will temporarily increase. Trap Your machine will jump in the air, and your Energy Meter will decrease. Jump Plate Your machine will jump in the air. Dart Zone Speed will decrease in the Dart Zone. 13 _______________________________________________________ TIME ATTACK Select a machine and see if you can finish a course in record time. If your time is fast enough, you'll be able to race against the developer's ghost machine (or STAFF GHOST). SELECT COURSE AND MACHINE When selecting a course, if you select Without Ghost, the Ghost will not appear. When on the Select Mode screen, select TIME ATTACK, then choose the desired course and machine. THE RESULTS ARE IN! Race results will appear once you've finished the three-lap race. Press the A Button to see the top five times. If your time is better than an existing best time, you will be able to register your initials. All records will be saved to game memory. Courses with differences in altitude will affect your machine's speed. These differences do not count towards your final maximum speed. 14 _________________________________________________________ WHAT IS A GHOST? After finishing a course, if you re-race the same course, a ghost will appear. The Ghost is a translucent machine which mimics your previous performance. Drive with the Ghost and try to improve your time. Up to three Ghost machines can appear in the same race. If you change courses, the ghosts will disappear. *If the course is not finished, or if it takes more than three minutes to finish a course, the ghost will not appear. *You can update the ghost data even if three ghosts appear in the same course. SAVING GHOST Ghost data will be deleted if you turn the power off and do not save. To save ghost data, select GHOST SAVE. While up to three ghosts can appear at the same time, you can only save one to memory. When a ghost is saved, the course and time will appear. To overwrite saved data, select GHOST SAVE. When it asks you if you want to replace the current data, select YES and press the A Button. *When there are two or more ghosts on one course, the fastest ghost will be the new ghost. *Be careful when saving over old ghosts. You don't want to accidentally delete a favorite! 15 _________________________________________________________ RECORD SCREEN / ERASING TIME ATTACK DATA Select RECORDS in Time Attack to view time records for each course. Here, you can erase course or ghost data (to erase ALL saved data, go to OPTIONS). [ PICTURE: Records Screen ] *Press LEFT and RIGHT on the Control Stick to view records for other courses. Press the A Button to bring up the menu. To erase time data for a course, select CLEAR RECORD. Select GHOST CLEAR to erase ghost data for that course. Confirm selections by pressing the A Button. 16 ________________________________________________________ DEATH RACE In Death Race, your goal is to take out 29 machines before they take you out! Run 'em off the road; make 'em crash; do whatever it takes to win! *There is only one course and no difficulty level. *Best times will be saved to memory. *There is no limit to the number of laps, and Boost can be used right away. Remaining Number of Rival Machines [ PICTURE: Death Race Screen ] When the number of remaining machines is zero, the game is over. BEST TIME You'll get a star for each machine you actually destroyed. You won't get a star if a rival machine crashes into another. Tips For a Good Record *Attack when the rival machines are crowded. You can destroy several machines at once this way. *Machines with higher speeds can damage others easier. *It's more advantageous to drive a heavier, tougher machine. *Be sure to check your rear view often! 17 ________________________________________________________ VS BATTLE In VS Battle, two to four players can play simultaneously -- just make sure you have enough controllers. Course and machine selection are entered like other modes. OPTION SETTINGS Before starting a VS battle, make sure to set your options. Go to OPTIONS and change the desired settings with the Control Stick. * VS Computer (2P, 3P) Select WITH and four machines will race in all multi-player modes (machines not used by players will be operated by the computer). * VS Slot Select WITH and if you retire, you'll play a slot game that you could provide an interesting surprise or two (more info on p. 20). * VS Handicap Adjust the handicap of other players to make the race more exciting (more info on p. 20)! * Sound Mode Select either STEREO or MONAURAL sound modes. * All Data Clear Erase all saved data. * Exit Return to the Select Mode screen. 18 ________________________________________________________ THE VS BATTLE SCREEN Player rank will appear in the lower left corner of each player's screen. In a three- or four-player game, press the [ C Left ] Button to switch between lap display and course radar. RANK Like GP Race, this is a three-lap race. If two or more players retire, the player who retired first will have the lower rank. POINTS When the race is completed, points will be given according to rank. Point distribution differs depending on the number of machines in the race. +==================================================+ | || 2 machines | 3 machines | 4 machines | |==========||============|============|============| |1st place || 5 points | 5 points | 5 points | |2nd place || 0 points | 3 points | 3 points | |3rd place || | 0 points | 1 point | |4th place || | | 0 points | +==================================================+ *If you select WITH for VS Computer (2P, 3P) in Options, the computer- controlled machine(s) will receive points. *If you quit VS Mod and do not turn the Control Deck off, the total points will remain if you go back and play VS Mode. 19 ________________________________________________________ SLOT GAME Go to Options and select WITH for Vs. Slot. If you end up retiring before the other players, the slot machine will appear. Press the A Button to start the slots and the A Button to stop them. If you match three pictures, you can make another player's machine lose all or half of its energy (depending on which pictures you match). [ PICTURE: Vs. Mode Screen ] If three "X" marks appear, the leading machine will lose all its energy. HANDICAP Adjusting the HANDICAP option (on the Options screen) will give the slower machine an advantage. +1 Boost power will not consume as much energy. +2 Boost power will consume even less energy. 20 _______________________________________________________ F-ZERO X GRAND PRIX DIRECTORY OF PARTICIPANTS 21 _______________________________________________________ THE PILOTS & MACHINES CAPTAIN FALCON AGE: 36 He's a well known bounty hunter as well as a great F-Zero pilot. Many mysteries surround Capt. Falcon--the only thing we know is that he's from Port Town. BLUE FALCON Machine weight: 1260 kg Machine number: 7 BODY BOOST GRIP B C B Dr. STEWART AGE: 41 He's been living in the fast lane as a doctor. Dr. Stewart became interested in the F-Zero X GP after the death of his father. The Golden Fox belonged to his father. GOLDEN FOX Machine weight: 1420 kg Machine number: 3 BODY BOOST GRIP D A D PICO AGE: 123 (or so he says) Pico used to work for a special unit of the Poripoto army. He's aggressive, but calm. Rumor has it that he is also an infamous hit man. WILD GOOSE Machine weight: 1620 kg Machine number: 6 BODY BOOST GRIP B B C 22 __________________________________________________________ THE PILOTS & MACHINES SAMURAI GOROH AGE: 44 He's one of the best bounty hunters around and the leader of a group of space thieves. Goroh's reason for joining F-Zero is because of his hatred for Capt. Falcon, his rival. FIRE STINGRAY Machine weight: 1960 kg Machine number: 5 BODY BOOST GRIP A D B JODY SUMMER AGE: 24 Jody is one of the top rookie pilots in the circuit. While Jody doesn't have much experience, many see her as a dark horse. WHITE CAT Machine weight: 1150 kg Machine number: 2 BODY BOOST GRIP C C A MIGHTY GAZELLE AGE: 36 Three years ago, he was injured in a freak racing accident and miraculously survived. Due to the damage his body sustained, he became a cyborg. Others have tried to stop him from competing, but he is determined to win. RED GAZELLE Machine weight: 1330 kg Machine number: 1 BODY BOOST GRIP E A C 23 _____________________________________________________ THE PILOTS & MACHINES BABA AGE: 18 This young rookie has incredible intuition and is very flexible. After enduring a great deal of training, Baba will make his racing debut this season. IRON TIGER Machine weight: 1780 kg Machine number: 4 BODY BOOST GRIP B D A OCTOMAN AGE: Unknown He represents the planet Takora, an enemy of the Milky Way Federation. Takorans are intent on showing their advanced intelligence to the universe. DEEP CLAW Machine weight: 990 kg Machine number: 8 BODY BOOST GRIP B B C Dr. CLASH AGE: 54 A former F-Zero engineer, it has been Dr. Clash's dream to become a pilot. He is participating in the race with a machine he designed and built himself. CRAZY BEAR Machine weight: 2220 kg Machine number: 29 BODY BOOST GRIP A B E 24 ____________________________________________________ THE PILOTS & MACHINES Mr. EAD AGE: Unknown This cyborg was developed by the mysterious development group EAD. His purpose for racing is to test his IG and debug his man-made programming. GREAT STAR Machine weight: 1870 kg Machine number: 9 BODY BOOST GRIP E A D BIO REX AGE: 8 This dinosaur is a product of bio-technology. Through this technology, his brain has become very similar to a human's. If he wins the Grand Prix, he will prove that he's superior to humans. BIG FANG Machine weight: 1520 kg Machine number: 15 BODY BOOST GRIP B D A BILLY AGE: 6 Billy is the first monkey to participate in F-Zero. He's out to prove that monkeys are the superior species. MAD WOLF Machine weight: 1490 kg Machine number: 11 BODY BOOST GRIP B B C 25 _______________________________________________________ THE PILOTS & MACHINES SILVER NEELSEN AGE: 97 Neelsen has participated in more Grand Prix races than anyone, but has yet to win. His age has drawn criticism. Because he is resentful of the newer machines, the other racers are avoiding him. NIGHT THUNDER Machine weight: 1530 kg Machine number: 23 BODY BOOST GRIP B A E GOMAR & SHIOH AGE: Unknown These Furikake people always act as one person. They are a very strange race. While the rules don't allow pilots to use machines for two riders, they were approved by the committee. Their machine is the lightest in the circuit. TWIN NORITA Machine weight: 780 kg Machine number: 22 BODY BOOST GRIP E A C JOHN TANAKA AGE: 30 Tanaka, an engineer, and member of the Milky Way Federation, is supposed to be assisting Jody Summer. His concern for his colleague compelled him to join the Grand Prix. He seems to be more interested in protecting Jody Summer than winning the Grand Prix. WONDER WASP Machine weight: 900 kg Machine number: 26 BODY BOOST GRIP D A D 26 ________________________________________________________ THE PILOTS & MACHINES Mrs. ARROW AGE: 26 Mrs. Arrow races with her husband Super Arrow. She's a good wife and team member. Actually, her racing experience makes her a better pilot than her husband. QUEEN METEOR Machine weight: 1140 kg Machine number: 21 BODY BOOST GRIP E B B BLOOD FALCON AGE: 36 Created by Black Shadow, Blood Falcon is an exact duplicate of Captain Falcon. Well, almost. Blood Falcon is evil--very evil. BLOOD HAWK Machine weight: 1170 kg Machine number: 25 BODY BOOST GRIP B A E JACK LEVIN AGE: 18 Jack's a favorite of the female fans. Any merchandise with his face on it sells out immediately. While most people talk about his good looks and popularity, not too many people mention his racing skill. ASTRO ROBIN Machine weight: 1050 kg Machine number: 14 BODY BOOST GRIP B D A 27 ______________________________________________________ THE PILOTS & MACHINES JAMES McCLOUD AGE: 31 James McCloud is a hired ranger, and the leader of Galaxy Dog. He remodeled his space fighter into an F-Zero machine. McCloud is in this Grand Prix for one reason--money. LITTLE WYVERN Machine weight: 1390 kg Machine number: 10 BODY BOOST GRIP E B B ZODA AGE: Unknown Zoda is the incarnation of evil and intent on conquering Earth. Why he's racing in the Grand Prix is still a mystery. His past disputes against the Arrows and Captain Falcon are well known. DEATH ANCHOR Machine weight: 1620 kg Machine number: 13 BODY BOOST GRIP E A C MICHAEL CHAIN AGE: 38 He's the leader of the Bloody Chain gang. Michael participates in the Grand Prix to show off his driving skills to members of his gang. Since he rarely wins, members are slowly leaving the gang. WILD BOAR Machine weight: 2110 kg Machine number: 24 BODY BOOST GRIP A C C 28 _______________________________________________________ THE PILOTS & MACHINES SUPER ARROW AGE: 34 Super Arrow's job is to protect the Earth. When Super Arrow discovered that Zoda, his sworn enemy, had entered the Grand Prix, he entered as well. KING METEOR Machine weight: 860 kg Machine number: 20 BODY BOOST GRIP E B B KATE ALLEN AGE: 29 This popular singer and dancer has decided to try her hand at racing. She will debut this season. SUPER PIRANHA Machine weight: 1010 kg Machine number: 12 BODY BOOST GRIP B C B ROGER BUSTER AGE: 40 Roger, a transportation guru, was supposed to transport a machine to an unknown participant. His partner persuaded him to abandon that idea and race for himself. MIGHTY HURRICANE Machine weight: 1780 kg Machine number: 28 BODY BOOST GRIP E B B 29 _______________________________________________________ THE PILOTS & MACHINES LEON AGE: 15 Compared to humans, Leon is not very bright. He makes up for it with his sharp reflexes and cornering ability. SPACE ANGLER Machine weight: 910 kg Machine number: 19 BODY BOOST GRIP C C A DRAQ AGE: 136 Draq works with Roger Buster, and is a big fan of F-ZERO. Driving in the Grand Prix has been his life-long dream. MIGHTY TYPHOON Machine weight: 950 kg Machine number: 27 BODY BOOST GRIP C A D BEASTMAN AGE: 29 When just a child, Beastman was nearly eaten by a giant alligator. Ever since then, he's been a slayer of beasts. Now he hopes to advertise his services in the Grand Prix. HYPER SPEEDER Machine weight: 1460 kg Machine number: 18 BODY BOOST GRIP C C A 30 ______________________________________________________ THE PILOTS & MACHINES ANTONIO GUSTER AGE: 35 Antonio was once Goroh's right-hand man, but Goroh betrayed him. Now Antonio has joined the Grand Prix in hopes of exacting revenge on his former mentor. GREEN PANTHER Machine weight: 2060 kg Machine number: 17 BODY BOOST GRIP A B D BLACK SHADOW AGE: Unknown The King of Evil. Black Shadow strikes fear in the hearts of everyone. His goal is to destroy Captain Falcon in front of millions of viewers. BLACK BULL Machine weight: 2340 kg Machine number: 30 BODY BOOST GRIP A E A THE SKULL AGE: 240 Skull was once a great legend among drivers. Using science and black magic, Skull returned from the grave to compete one more time. SONIC PHANTOM Machine weight: 1010 kg Machine number: 16 BODY BOOST GRIP C A D 31 ________________________________________________________ For further information or assistance, please contact: Nintendo Consumer Assistance Hotline 1-800-255-3700 (U.S. and Canada) Or your local authorized Nintendo retailer. 32

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