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WWF Attitude

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80160793 0001     Add Weapons To Matches
80160793 0002     Add Cage To Matches

8015E9C9 00XX     P1 Select Modifier
8015E9CB 00XX     P2 Select Modifier
8015E9CD 00XX     P3 Select Modifier
8015E9CF 00XX     P4 Select Modifier

Replace XX with:
00     Stone Cold Steve Austin
01     Blackman
02     Bossman
03     Bradshaw
04     Too Sexy
05     Christian
06     Chyna
07     D-LO
08     Road Dogg
09     Dr.Death
0A     Droz
0B     Edge
0C     Farooq
0D     Gangrel
0E     Goldust
0F     Godfather
10     Billy Gunn
11     Head
12     Mark Henry
13     Triple H
14     Jacqueline
15     Jeff Jarett
16     Trainer
17     Kane
18     Jerry Lawler
19     Kurrgan
1A     Mankind
1B     Marc Mero
1C     Mosh
1D     Owen Hart
1E     Paul Bearer
1F     The Rock
20     Sable
21     Slaughter
22     Shawn Michaels
23     Al Snow
24     Shamrock
25     Taka
26     Thrasher
27     Undertaker
28     Val Venis
29     X-Pac

80127CB7 000x     P1 Costume Modifier
80127CC7 000x     P2 Costume Modifier
80127CD7 000x     P3 Costume Modifier
80127CE7 000x     P4 Costume Modifier

Replace x with:
0     Default
1     Costume #2
2     Costume #3
3     Costume #4

8012E990 00xx     P1 Mode Modifier
Replace xx with:
00     Versus
01     Tag Team
02     Tornado
03     1 on 2
04     1 on 3
05     Lumberjack
06     Gauntlet
07     Tag Team Gauntlet
08     Survivor Series
09     Royal Rumble
0A     Battle Royal
0B     War
0C     Stable Match
0D     Triple Threat
0E     Triangle

8112E21C F000     Enable Everything
8112E21E 09FF
8112E220 FFFF
8112E222 FFFF

Character Creation Codes

8014E3E8 000A Max Strength 8014E3E9 000A Max Toughness 8014E3EA 000A Max Speed 8014E3EB 000A Max Recovery 8014E3EC 000A Max Charisma 8014E3ED 000A Max Mat Skills 80161313 0000 Infinite Creation Points 81135620 0000 0% in Move List

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