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WCW Mayhem

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

802D3735 00??     Music Volume (00-09)
802F44F5 00??     Speech Volume (00-09)
812F7A34 00??     Sound FX (00-09)
812F99F4 00??     Crowd (00-09)
800E399D 0060     Full Meter Bar P1
800E399D 0000     Empty Meter Bar P1
800AD80D 0060     Full Meter Bar P2
800AD80D 0000     Empty Meter Bar P2

800B115B 00XX     Enable Cheat 1 Modifier 
02     Super Created Wrestlers
04     Stamina Meter
08     Momentum Meter
20     Play As Same Wrestler
40     Better Ranking (Press Right In Quest For The Best Mode To Advance)
80     All Wrestlers

800B115C 00XX     Enable Cheat 2 Modifier
40     Change Kidman

Character Creation Codes

802F16F5 0009 Max Strength 803121B5 0009 Max Impact 803156F5 0009 Max Speed 803176B5 0009 Max Quickness 80319675 0009 Max Aerial 8031B635 0009 Max Mat Ability 8031D5F5 0009 Max Submission 8031F5B5 0009 Max Brawling 80321575 0009 Max Dirtiness

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