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Top Gear Rally

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8131A3E0 000F     View Game Completion Date On Main Screen 
8031C6DC 0009     Start off in 2nd and Your on your lap # 167772161
8031C6DF 0009     Start off in 2nd or last and not able to get back in 1st
8031C6DB 0002     Only 1 Lap to Race
8028AA96 0001     Rainbow Mode
8028AA6B 0000     Playstation Mode
8031C6DB 0005     Race Forever
8031C6DC 0005     Win in 1.5 Seconds
813243CC FFFF     Extra Vehicles
813243CE FFFF     Extra Tracks
8032431F 0064     Level 1 Points
80324321 0064     Level 2 Points
80324323 0064     Level 3 Points
80324325 0064     Level 4 Points
80324327 0064     Level 5 Points
80324329 0064     Level 6 Points
802243AE 0004     Flipside (Drive Outside Car To See)
802243AE 0064     Upside Down (Drive Inside Car To See)
8031C6DB 0002     Only 1 Lap To Race

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