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Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr.

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

You must have Game Shark 3.0 & the 4-Meg Ram Expansion Pak for 
the codes to work.

DE025C00 0000     Enable Code (Must Be On)
F1025F30 2400
F1025F34 2400

810DC468 8000     Press Z To See Ending (Stadium Select Screen) 
802424A7 0000     Infinite Balls
802424A8 0000     Infinite Strikes

802424A2 00XX     Inning Modifier

D02424A2 0001     Start On Inning Modifier
802424A2 00XX
Replace XX with:
01     1st
02     2nd
03     3rd
04     4th
05     5th
06     6th
07     7th
08     8th
09     9th

80242494 00??     Pitch fake Speed Modifier
80342963 0001     Pitches Screen Always Displayed 

D02424A8 0000     1 Strike And You Are Out
802424A8 0002

D02424A8 0000     2 Strikes And You Are Out
802424A8 0001

D02424A7 0000     1 Ball And You Walk
802424A7 0003

D02424A7 0000     2 Balls And You Walk
802424A7 0002

D02424A7 0000     3 Balls And You Walk
802424A7 0001

802424A1 0000     Infinite Outs

D02424A1 0000     1 Out And You Are Out
802424A1 0002

D02424A1 0000     2 Outs And You Are Out
802424A1 0001

800DC45C 00??     Home Team Score Modifier
800DC45D 00??     Away Team Score Modifier
800DC45E 00??     Hits Modifier Home Team
800DC45F 00??     Hits Modifier Away Team
800DC460 00??     Errors Modifier Home Team
800DC461 00??     Errors Modifier Away Team

Home Run Derby Codes

800DC34F 00?? Home Run Modifier 813606C6 ???? Last Hit Modifier 801DFB85 000A Quick Out 801DFB85 0000 Infinite Outs 810DC34A 183F Have Secret Teams

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