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Fighting Force 64

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes
810A55B6 00F0 Level Select (Press Use C-Right / C-Left To Change At Character Select Screen) 800005AC 00?? Music Volume Modifier (00-40) 800005AD 00?? SFX Volume Modifier (00-40) 800CE0F3 0003 Infinite Lives P1 800CE0F7 0003 Infinite Lives P2 8106006C 2400 Infinite Pistol Ammo 81060130 2400 Infinite Rocket Launcher Ammo 810601A8 2400 Infinite Cannon Ammo 810601D8 2400 Infinite Shotgun Ammo 8900059A 00?? Character Select P1 8900095E 00?? Character Select P2 With these codes, press the GS Button while in a cutscene. Replace ?? with: 00 Hawk 01 Mace 02 Smasher 03 Alana 89002BDA 00?? GS Button For Level Modifier With this code, you must hold the GS Button immediately after selecting the character until the level loads. Replace ?? with: 00 Car Park 01 Reception 02 Lift 03 Corridor 04 Zeng's Office 05 High Street 06 High Street Boss 07 Shopping Mall 08 Park 1 09 Park 2 0A Bridge 0B Bronx 0C Subway Station 0D Subway Boss 0E Train 0F Air Base 10 Naval Base 11 Flying Wing 12 Hovercraft 13 Naval Base 2 14 Airbase Boss 15 Naval Base Boss 16 Island Lab 17 Island Lift 18 Final Boss (Zeng) 800005A7 00?? Speaker Selection Modifier Replace ?? with: 00 Mono 01 Stereo

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