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California Speed

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810AD586 0001     Always Have Fog Adjust Option 
81168F8C FFFF     Have All Tracks
80151C01 0000     Always Place 1st

D013435F 0020     Press L To Refill The Timer
810EC8F8 4020

D013435F 0010     Press R For Nitrous Boost
8112BD0C 43CB

Have Car In All Modes

800AAE5B 0001 Sportster 800AAE5F 0001 Muscle 800AAE63 0001 486SE 800AAE67 0001 Predator 800AAE6B 0001 Mano 800AAE6F 0001 Five Oh 800AAE73 0001 Mt. Dew 800AAE77 0001 Hopper 800AAE7B 0001 Fairchild 800AAE7F 0001 Insect 800AAE83 0001 Mercado 800AAE87 0001 Golf Cart 800AAE8B 0001 Squirrel 800AAE8F 0001 Forklift 800AAE93 0001 Convertible 800AAE97 0001 Sled 800AAE9B 0001 Baja 800AAE9F 0001 Ol' Truck 800AAEA3 0001 Camper 800AAEA7 0001 Semi 800AAEAB 0001 Dozer 80151C01 0000 Always Place 1st

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