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A Bug's Life

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80005F55 00??     Subtitles
81005F56 00??     Music Volume Modifier (00-13) 
80005F58 00??     SFX Volume Modifier (00-13) 
811E1A2C 0004     Infinite Health
801E1A38 0009     Infinite Lives
801E1A39 0032     Max Grain
801E1A3A 000F     Have All FLIK
811E1A2E 0001     Start with Blueberry
811E1A2E 0002     Start with Homing Berry
811E1A2E 0003     Start with Goldberry
811E1A26 0000     All Enemies Killed
811E1A28 0020     Always Have Super Jump
81099150 000F     Unlock All Levels

80005F59 00??     Text Speed Modifier

Replace ?? with:

00     Slow
01     Normal
02     Fast

80005F5A 00??     Camera Mode Modifier

Replace ?? with:

00     Moving
01     Still

80005F56 00??     Restore Defaults

Replace ?? with: 
00     No
01     Yes

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