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Blast Corps

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

803EDB51 0063     Infinite Sidesweeper
803F8A3C 0063     Infinite Ballista

803F8ABF 0099     Motor Bike Has A Very Small Bounce  
803F8A68 0001     Ballista Can Drive Through Anything 
8036E9CC C350     Found All RDUS 
8036E9C9 00FF     Found All Survivors 
80364AD0 003F     Found All Scientists 
803EE301 0064     Skyfall has Infinite Turbo 

Have Level Finished Perfectly

80364A58 0003 Simian Acres 80364A6B 0003 J-Bomb 80364A74 0003 Sidswipe 80364A8F 0003 Backlash 80364A67 0003 Carrick Point 80364A5B 0003 Blackridge Works 80364A62 0003 Argent Towers 80364A68 0003 Havoc District 80364A69 0003 Ironstone Mine 80364A65 0003 Ebony Coast 80364A6A 0003 Beeton Tracks 80364A79 0003 Tempest City 80364A75 0003 Echo Marches 80364A5F 0003 Skyfall 80364A5D 0003 Shuttle Gully 80364A8D 0003 Thunderfist 80364A92 0003 Cromlech Court 80364A5A 0003 Outland Farm 80364A61 0003 Crystal Rift 80364A5C 0003 Glory Crossing 80364A59 0003 Angel City 80364A64 0003 Diamond Sands 80364A66 0003 Oyster Harbor 80364A72 0003 Obsidian Mile 80364A91 0003 Ember Hamlet 80364A8A 0003 Shuttle Clear 80364A7E 0003 Shuttle Island 80364A80 0003 Moon 80364A7D 0003 Geode Square 80364A73 0003 Corvine Bluff 80364A6C 0003 Jade Plateau 80364A5E 0003 Salvage Wharf 80364A81 0003 Cobalt Quarry 80364A8B 0003 Dark Heartland 80364A77 0003 Falchion Field 80364A6D 0003 Marine Quarter 80364A78 0003 Morgan Hall 80364A6F 0003 Gibbon's Gate 80364A7A 0003 Orion Plaza 80364A71 0003 Sleek Streets 80364A76 0003 Kipling Plant 80364A6E 0003 Cooter Creek 80364A60 0003 Twilight Foundry 80364A88 0003 Silver Junction 80364A63 0003 Skerries 80364A90 0003 Bison Ridge 80364A82 0003 Moraine Chase 80364A7F 0003 Mica Park 80364A7B 0003 Glander's Ranch 80364A8C 0003 Magma Peak 80364A93 0003 Lizard Island 80364A70 0003 Baboon Catacomb 80364A7C 0003 Dagger Pass 80364A8E 0003 Saline Watch

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