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Star Fox 64

Sent in by Nick Bliss This is the ending that you get if you take the hard path. When you first get to Venom, you'll have to fight a more powerful version of Star Wolf. If you defeat them, you'll go to Andross. You'll go through a long series of tunnels before you finally get there. When you do get there, the fight is the same as the easy Andross, but instead of A robot head appearing, you'll see a giant brain!!! I guess this is what his experiments did to him... Anyway, when you defeat his eyes and his frontal lobes, he'll yell: "If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me!!!" He then violently explodes. Now comes the hard part! You have to navigate the maze of tunnels, and a wrong turn will lead you into a wall of fire! This may seem hard, but you have help! You're dad comes back from the dead and guides you out of the maze to the safety of the great fox. After that, the ending is the same except you don't see Andross's face when you get you're final score.
Sent in by Jeff Luke You will get a different ending when you beat Andross (he is a big brain this time) he says "If I'm Goin down then I'm gonna take you with me!" and then he blows up and you are pretty much dead but then your dad comes flying in and helps you get out and you get to play the ending and when you get out he disappears and you start to look around and the rest is the same as the other ending.
Sent in by Will H First, get to Expert Mode (Get 15 Medals in the Main Game). Then beat the game on expert. Depending on what route you take, after the credits roll, you will either see a screen with the faces of main characters and the message "Thank You", or a picture of the Star Fox team and the word "GREAT!". After that, you see the Invoice Bill that tells Gen. Pepper how much he has to pay for the service of Star Fox. If you get over 1000 points, Pepper says in disbelief, "WHAT???".
Sent in by Adam Pearson If you defeat Andross coming from Area 6, then instead of the normal Venom battle you will defeat a harder version of the Star Wolf team. They'll say stuff like ``We have better ships''. Star Wolf will also look different when they say things. Beat them real fast and each one will give you *50* points! After they are dead, you'll go to a two path way (instead of 1) to Andross. The first half of Andross will be the same as last time, but after that, a brain instead of an android will appear (this will be an all range battle) When you turn around, you won't get out automatically, you'll have to follow your father James McCloud out of the two path tunnel (you can hear him talking to you!) Don't worry about keeping up with him, he'll always appear. If you crash or go the wrong way, you'll lose a life but only go back to after Andross. The rest is about the same. Peppy will say ``what's wrong fox?'' and fox will say "nothing... nothing's wrong." You won't hear Andross laugh this time, either.

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