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Perfect Dark

Sent in by Firehawk13 The Skedar King looks up, just as the big spike crushes into his skull. Jo looks, and says "yes!", then the temple starts to crumble, and she says "oh no!" and runs through the door. The entire place crumbles, and Jo grunts a little. Elvis walks around the now crumbled ruins, and calls for Jo a couple times, and Jo answers "over here", and Elvis runs over to her, and offers his hand to help get her out of the fallen bricks. She says she wants his gun, he hands it to her, and she kills a hidden skedar holding onto her, and she says "why won't you just let go!" And Elvis tells her that he got the Maians to hold off the bombings until after he found her. They walk out, and Jo says "I would've gotten out in time if that one skedar wouldn't have held onto my leg" And Elvis says "yeah, sure" and Jo says No, really" and Elvis says "I believe you" with a little chuckle. Then they walk out of the ruins, and the credits start with music.

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