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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Sent in by Nick After you defeat the evil Majora,you get a new screen, The beginning of a New Day. Next you see yourself talking to the skull kid who stole your horse (you get it back in the game,the horse stands by you.) After the kid says he's sorry and was lonely since the giant gods (his friends) had left him. Then the Happy Mask Salesman interupes the skull kids apology,talking how you made the masks you've collected throughout the game happy. Next the skull skull kid says that link and him self should split up, say how you smell like the fairy boy who taught him a song in the lost forest (you got a heart piece from him in the previous game) and link goes into the towns square. Fire works blast up from the clock tower, the dancing sisters put on their performance, the Indago-gos (a zora band) plays your song, and the deku palace is back to normal. The End. You can go back to the first day again by playing the song of time.

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