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Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Sent in by Matthew Danyeur If you beat the game without all the crystal shards: The power of the Shining Crystal sends Dark Matter flying to deep space. Kirby and Co. get their thanks, and load up in a UFO-like vehicle. As they fly off, the queen fairy glances at Ribbon...with an evil look in her eyes. Beat the game with the crystal shards: Dark Matter explodes when it is banished from Ripple Star. The Shining Crystal forces out the Dark Matter in the fairy queen. A new planet is formed from the Dark Matter. Kirby whips out a cell phone and summons a Warp Star, which flies to this new planet. After defeating the final enemy: Dark Star explodes as Kirby and Co. fly back to Ripple Star. Fireworks explode over the castle as Kirby and his friends are awarded medals. Ribbon kisses Kirby, who turns red and, in his now embarrassed state, accidentally falls down off the stage...

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