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Donkey Kong 64

Sent in by Myron I.Robles de Medina After you knockout King K. Rool you'll see chunky do his dance just like he finds a golden banana. Then you'll King K. Rool's helpers trying to bring him back to conscienceness, you see King K. Rool's big red eye opens and he get's up mad crazy to kick your but then he hear a whistle from the back then he sees candy kong doing her stuff. King K. Rool gets crazy about it meanwhile from the other side you see Funky Kong with a launcher just like chunky's but there's boot on it and shoots the boot right in the but of King K. Rool that sends him flying above the island. After that you see candy in front of D.K.'s house and Diddy on the roof and falls down then comes up again with his jetpack on. In the banana hoard you see D.K. holding a golden banana in his hand and cranky walking in very slow until DK sleeps and cranky waking him up and you see a mountain of gold bananas. Then DK asks cranky to get on his back then they run out of the banana hoard and jumps in the river, and you see chunky and tiny playing and then you see the parrots flying around like crop dusters but they use different colors then you see on top of DK's house and forms the clouds of the parrots a colorful cloud in the form of the two letters that you often see in the game 'DK'.

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