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Tails Adventure

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Reviewed by Clement Chan Zhi Li Oh, yes, yes, yes! Tails made his solo game once more and is absolutely fun than ever! Being a Game Gear game, I must say it's pretty nice and exciting to see a game like this! Graphics - 9 For a Game Gear game, it's quite alright and colourful with a bit of colours here and there making the game just fine. The backgrounds are detailed too. Musics - 8 The musics are just so-so, nothing to be proud and to excite about. Sound effects are quite good and used at correct timings. Gameplay - 9 If you're Tails fan or just another RPG gamer, you will certainly like this game. Tails Adventure is almost like an RPG where you MUST travel around the place while collecting items. Don't think 'Oh, this must be easy' as it is not. Try and think and find carefully since every level have their own items which can be obtained by using another item. Think of it, bombs, robots, dig and all sorts of things you can get. The items are quite a lot and there is a variety of it where every single thing have their own unique uses. If you think it's hard, don't give up. Practise makes perfect, that's all. Story - 8 What is it all about? Basically, Tails is off to have his own, peaceful vacation but disturbed by a group of irritating birds. They have bombed the place he stayed in and he decided to take care of it to save his island. Replayability - 7 Sorry people, once you complete the game, there are almost nothing to do except to replay it again unless you want to. Oh, maybe you might want to take the items you have missed, like the Chaos Emeralds. Overall - 9 This game is nice and neat and can be considered one of the best Game Gear games. Buy this game before it's sold out or you'll regret.

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