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Sonic the Hedgehog 2

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Reviewed by Greatest One Sonic the hedgehog is the game that put Sega on the video game map. The fearless, super fast hedgehog was an instant hit on the Sega Genesis. Ever since then, numerous Sonic titles have appeared on Sega's other systems. Thus, when I got my Game Gear, I wanted one Sonic game. I got Sonic the hedgehog 2. I had seen and played other Sonic games on the Genesis, and Sonic 2 looked similar. Thus, I was pretty happy. Sonic 2 follows similar storylines and gameplay as the other Sonic games. Sonic's friend Tails is kidnapped by the evil Dr. Robotnik. You can see this play out in a short entrance video. It is up to Sonic to rescue his friend by blazing through a bunch of interesting levels. The gameplay is similar to other Sonic games. You run as fast as possible across the levels while colecting rings. As long as you have one ring with you, you don't die. You just lose all your rings. There are various enemies Sonic has to contend with. Most of them can be killed by jumping on them or rolling through them. Sonic also can travel on different vehicles in this game. Some of the vehicles include a mine cart, a water bubble and spinning disks. All the vehicles transport Sonic in different ways and there are different techniques to control them. Overall, Sonic 2 is a good title for the Game Gear and fans of Sonic will love this one. Graphics: 7. The Game Gear graphics are a step down from the Sega Genesis versions, but they are still pretty good. All of Sonic's moves can be seen clearly. Sound: 8. The music is pretty cool and sounds good. The sound effects are funny and fit the game right. Gameplay: 8. Similar to the Sonic games of the Genesis. Speed is your ally, but you have to be careful, too. Replay Value: 7. Nothing new after beating the game. Still playing it over is a satisfying experience. Overall: 8. A good title for the Game Gear. Fun and exciting.

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