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Sonic the Hedgehog 2

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Reviewed by Jeremy Peeples Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was released in 1993 for the Sega Game Gear. It was developed and distributed by Sega. It is a side-scrolling action game like no other, it contains some of the fastest gameplay ever, the only games faster are It's sequels. Your goal in the game is to defeat Dr. Robotnik, an evil scientist who has turned your friends into robots. Graphics-8/10- Most of the characters in the game (most noteably bosses) are large with very fluid animation. The character designs were second to none. The backgrounds were very original and detailed, blurring was kept to a minimum. Sonic has been given a minor touch-up job in this game, he's been made smaller, but has more animation frames. The only real problem with the graphics is the screen blurring, it really gets bad during the game's faster sections. Overall, the graphics were excellent, very clear with great animation. Pros- Excellent character design. Large characters. Very colorful levels. Cons- Screen blurring is a huge problem. Sound-10/10- The music is another great feature in this game, it is crystal clear. It is some of the best music ever for a Game Gear game. The music fits the themes of the levels perfectly. The sound effects are another great feature, they are clear as could be and fit each action perfectly. Pros- Excellent music that truly added to the experience of playing the game. Great sound effects. Cons- None. Gameplay-10/10- Your goal in each of the game's levels is to free your friends, who have been trapped in metal containers at the end of an Act. There are 3 Acts in each level, the third Act is the Boss Act, the Boss for that level is at the end of the level. All of the levels have different settings, they are all very unique, from the tropical paradise starting level (a staple of all Sonic games), they are all well laid out and are quite diverse in style. Pros- Classic gameplay that never gets old. Cons- None that I can think of. Control-10/10- You can do a plethora of things in this game to defeat your foes; the two main ones are, jumping on them or spinning through them. Sega added a super spin dash to Sonic's repitiore in this game, it allows you to get through the levels faster and to defeat enemies in a more timely fashion. Pros- Very responsive. Simple controls. Cons- None that I can think of. Presentation-10/10- Everything fits the game's theme perfectly. The character design are among the best ever in video games. Pros- Fits the game's theme perfectly. Cons- None that I can think of. Challenge-6/10- Unlike the Genesis version, the enemies in this game provide a challenge. The bosses have relatively tough patterns that you have to get through. Overall-8/10- This is undoubtably one of the best games ever, few games since have been able to balance graphics, sound, gameplay, and control like this one has, if you love the Sonic the Hedgehog series, buy this game, trust me, you won't regret it. However, screen blurring really hurts the score, the game can get downright unplayable beacause of the blurring. Final Thought- This game is a classic, if you enjoyed the Genesis version, buy this one. be forewarned though, this game may give players problems when playing on their Nomads. The game runs at a very fast speed, blurring is quite prevalent, take a break every 10 minutes or your eyes may get sore. The control is still just as fluid and responsive. The music is still excellent. The only problem posed is the blurring. As long as you take breaks, you should be fine.

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