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Sonic Drift

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Reviewed by Clement Chan Zhi Li The first Sonic racing game appears for the Game Gear and you have to jump up and down with joy. But, let's look at the ratings and you can decide whether to buy it or not. Graphics - 7 I don't know what to say. The graphics should show better on the Game Gear that it surprises me a little to see the quality compared to other Sonic Game Gear games. It's colourful and have good animations and backgrounds but it could be better. The cars are not really well done and they look like funny machines but, maybe it's just me. Musics - 9 The musics are strange but it's quite nice to listen it as if it has its own 'adventure', like some kind of background musics without stopping, replay itself every time. The great sound effects are really good, after the poor graphics. Gameplay - 9 Considering it a little, it is really fun and you have four characters to choose from, Sonic (of course), Tails, Dr. Robotnik and Amy. Each of them has their own abilities and they really helped out in certain ways. There are several tracks you can race on and the main point is to reach the goal, as other racing games. As usual, you have to win the Chaos Emeralds from the race. Replayability - 7 It could be real bore later on, when you win all the races and master the whole game and if you're good, you can finish the game in one day! Overall - 8 It's quite good, since it's just the first Sonic racing game and also, in the Game Gear. As I say, it could be more challenging and more fun if possible. Count out the graphics, the sounds and gameplay are really good and you can consider to buy it if you want.

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