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Mortal Kombat 2

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Reviewed by Shinnokxz Mortal Kombat II was released in 1993 for the Arcade. It was published by Acclaim and produced by Probe Software. The same year, they came out with numerous console version of MK2, one being the Game Boy. It's surprising, this game is pretty good. Read on to find out why... Good Points About The Game... The control in MKII is surprisingly well thought out, and it is very resonsive, unlike the GB version of MK1. You can actualy DO fatalities in this one! Let alone the moves are much easier to excicute. The graphics in this game is pretty good to. The gameplay in this game is probably the reason why this game has a score over 5. It's nice, quick-paced, and the music also fits in with it. Even when it is from a Gameboy game, the music is pretty cool, thanks Dan Forden for the cool soundtrack (Otherwise known as the ''TOASTY'' guy that pops out on the corner of the screen) Yeah, thats there too. Bad Point About The Game... With all of that stuff I said above in the game, there has to be a dis-advantage in this port somewhere. Well let me start out with the crummy background selection you get, only 3. But that isn't too bad, knowing MK4 for the GBC had only 2. There is also something that bothers me in this game. The fatlities. Even though they are easy to excecute, they are incredibly cheesy. I know, I know, it's a Gameboy processor. But C'mon, this is MK, we have to have descent looking fatalities! Scorpions looks pethetic, and his is the best looking in the game. These major drawbacks minus some of the replayibility in this game. But it's always good for a few fights. Graphics: 7/10 Nice Probe. Even though it has some little jagged areas, you can still easily tell what ninja is which. Or tell the difference in-between Kitana and Mileena. But the rest of the characters look pretty good to. There sharp looks and various animations help the games gameplay and speed. And thats pretty dang good for the little old Gameboy. But lets face it. 90% of a Gamegear game is focused on Gameplay. Music/Sound: 7/10 Another good role in the game's great ganeplay. The fast paced tracks from the one and only MK Music man Dan ''TOASTY'' Forden is here, and soun excellent for a Game Boy game. The fast and quickness the songs atmospheric feel gives the game really good replayibility. Somewhat re-mixes from the Genesis and SNES versions, there not really the same, but there pretty good anyways. The sound effects aren't the best though. There are no punching sounds or guys screamiing there brains out. But I guess that would be a good thing. It would probably sloe the game down, bringing the replayibilty to a crashing ZIP . Gameplay: 8/10 Outstanding! For a Gamegear game that is. The gameplays really nice, it's quick and you never seem to get bored of it. Unlike MK1 for the Gameboy, the controls are more resonsive, and the game moves at a way fatser pace. Challenge is also pretty good. It's not too cheap when you have it on hard or anything like that. The only real sheap thing about it is that Shao Khan will keep ramming you untill you die. You will not even have a chance to jump kick him in this situation. Also, to reduce size of the game, Kintaro was tookin out. But you get that '?' battle before Shang Tsung (The one battle where you fight Jade). Each character has 2 moves and 1 fatality, and one stage fatality. The game also has a number of secrent hidden within it. You can fight Jade, and Noob-Saibot, but Smoke was tookin out. Lets say you start out on the options the game gives you (You only get 2, the difficulty, and the number of continues you get), there are about 3 characters that don't mke an appearance in this version, Baraka, Raiden, and Kung Lao. So you have about 8 remaining characters. You start out on a bttle plan that looks similar to the Genesis, Arcade, and SNES one. Shao Khan is at the top, and the characters you have to fight will come first. You'll start out on the ''Pit II'' stage. As you can see already they made huge modifications to the stages. You'll notice that the controls are more responsive, and the game is at a quicker pace. The only bad thing about the game though is the crummy AL they give you on ''easy'' mode. You can easily beat the characters, but when you get up to Shao Khan, the game takes a dramatic turn for the worse. But if you really know your way around the GB version of MKII, you'll fare well. Final Word... This is an awesome gameboy game. At a must-have for an MK lover. It's small screen and B&W graphics hide a huge game, with all all around great gameplay. Overall: 7 / 10

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