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Fatal Fury Special

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Fatal Fury Special was a surprisingly good game, it might not have been the best graphically or sound wise, but it had a nice list of characters and some other features as well. Fatal Fury fans take note because this is a game you won't want to miss! Graphics 8/10 Well compared to the arcade and other versions of this game these graphics pale in comparison. You can compare it to other hand held games and this one is leaps and bounds over the competition. The backgrounds are on the plain side but they are pretty good though. The sprite size is nice and large and everybody is distinguishable. Sound 8.0/10 The sound department is pretty good as well. Even though you don't get character voices like Mai Shiranui and Terry Bogard, but you get some pretty good background music and Sound FX. I particularly like the main theme music. The sound FX was done well too, and they come off rather clearly. Game Play 8.0/10 This game was for 1 or 2 players. You had 9 characters to choose from including, Terry and Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, Mai Shiranui, Tung fu Rue, Duck King, Billy Kane and geese Howard. All new to the game is Ryo Sakazaki, from Art of Fighting which is a great feature. Another is all the character combos from the arcades and other versions made the transport, also every mode made it too, a huge plus for the Game Gear. The difficulty was adjustable but most of the time the game was very easy because you always could use cheap moves. There weren't any passwords or save features. Overall 8.0/10 This is a very good game. If anybody owns a Game Gear and they want a well rounded fighting game on the go then this is definitely for them. Better Backgrounds and sounds are the only thing marring this game but other than that the game pretty good. It's the best Fighting game for any hand held system. If you are a Fatal Fury fan then you won't want to miss this opportunity.

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