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Evander Holyfield Real Deal Boxing

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Reviewed by Inkhands Evander Holyfield Real Deal Boxing is a very fun boxing game to play. I happen to like boxing games and this one is a pretty good one. You don't get to fight as Holyfield, but you do get to go one on one against him. The ability to play as Holyfield, would have been nice, but this still has some good modes to keep nearly any boxing fan occupied for a while. You have an exhibition mode that allows you to play against the computer, another person, or watch the computer play the computer. There is a main options screen that allows you to adjust the view or configure the buttons. This screen also allows you to choose the number of rounds in a match from either one round to twelve. You can also choose how many minutes per round from one minute to four. You can create your own boxer in this game. You give him a name. You decide how he looks by choosing from about seven faces, eight skin colors, and nine hair colors. The hair ranges from the normal black, to shades of brown, to yellow, which is supposed to be blonde, but it is very yellow. You can also decide what color you want his trunks to be. Then you set up his physical attributes. Decide how much power, speed, and stamina he has. Also, decide his ability to recover from a knockdown. Then you select his mental attributes. This allows you to decide what type of boxer he is. Whether he's a dancer, a dodger, a brawler, or a boxer. You select his favorite type of right punch, whether it would be a straight to the head, a hook, a jab, or a cross. You select his favorite type of left punch as well, from the same choices. Also included in the mental attributes is his level of killer instinct. You can give him low, medium, or high killer instinct. Once you create this boxer you will receive a password. You can have him take part in the exhibition mode, or you can send him into tournament mode. The same fourteen opponents are in both modes. In exhibition, you can select any of the fourteen to fight. In tournament mode you have to advance first. You are only able to select one of three boxers to be your first match. Evander Holyfield will be the final bout. The other boxers are all made up characters with names such as Glass Jaw King, Sherlock Kovacks, Hurricane Hank, and Kidd Dynamite. At the end of rounds you can see who won the round and how many points each boxer earned that round. At the end of the match you can see how many punches were thrown and how many actually landed. You earn points to improve the skills of your boxer, whether you win or lose. You will see a screen and it will show your current abilities in speed, power, recovery, and stamina. You are given twelve choices and you can see what each of the choice will improve. Some of them improve three of the four abilities evenly. Others will improve only two, with one being improved more than other. To check what will improve what, just look for the arrows next to the meters on that particular ability. A large red arrow indicates it will be improved more than one with a small red arrow. Two small arrows mean it will be even. So does three small arrows. During the actual fight, you use the directional pad to decide if it's going to be a punch to the stomach or a punch to the head. One button throws a left and the other throws a right. If you are knocked down, of course you have to attempt to get back up. You have ten seconds, of course. As you are trying to get back up you can watch the power meter on your opponent move up. You are told to push button one and then button two, but then back to one. As you do this your own power meter moves up. Control in this game really isn't very good. It's hard to actually land any punches. Your opponents block very well. Also, recovering from a knockdown is nearly impossible due to the annoying press button one and press button two commands. The challenge comes from actually being able to land a few punches. It is actually very hard to hit your opponent and it does take a lot of strategy. This makes winning any matches difficult. However the good thing is you will still earn ability points even if you lose. This allows you to keep fighting and improving your boxer's skills. As you advance his attributes you can actually see the improvement in your matches, because your boxer will be landing more punches, and these punches will be more powerful. Challenge is about medium in this game. Visually this game is very basic, but I suppose that is to be expected. The crowd has a lot of green hats and a lot of blonde girls. At the top of the screen you see the time remaining in the round, your health bar, and your opponent's health bar. The ring is very small, but you really don't see much of the ring due to the perspective the game uses. The view is first person. You never see your own boxer. All you see is his red gloves. You don't even see his arms, just his red gloves floating around. You see all of your opponent and for the most part they look detailed and very realistic. They all look very different and have very different looking faces. One of the nice things about the graphics, is when you are knocked down. The view is still in first person. Everything looks sideways, because that would be how it is if you were in fact lying down. You can see the referee standing over you and counting. Occasionally you can see your glove in front of your face. While the graphics are basic, they are still very good for the most part. The sound effects are very low quality in this game. It sounds like an Atari game. I've heard much better sound on other GameGear games. You get beeps when a punch is thrown and boops when they land. The bell dings at the beginning and end of the rounds. The music in this game sounds more like something out of a horror movie than a boxing game. It's not too chilling though, it's just not exactly happy music either. It's more like the boxer is really going to beat you up in this match type of music. Perhaps for that reason it has the sound of impending doom. Maybe not doom, but certainly a good clobbering. Replay value on this game is pretty good. You can create a few different type of boxers, due to the amount of options on the create a boxer screen. You can set up brawlers with high killer instinct and high power. You can set up a dodger with low killer instinct, high speed, and a right jab. The choices are very varied and you can create as many as you want. The password feature lets you continue at any time with any boxer you have created. The actual matches are fast paced and very enjoyable. With the varied choice of boxers to create and the varied choice of fourteen to fight against, it is certainly possible you will be playing this game for a while. Overall, this game has above average graphics, below average sound, medium challenge, high replay value, but somewhat poor control. It can be a lot of fun and isn't a frustrating game. The ability to create players is a nice feature. It's also nice to be able to improve your boxers, whether you win or lose the match. The game allows you to customize much of how it is played. This is a good game and worth playing, despite the few flaws it does have. Graphics - 7/10 Sound - 4/10 Control - 5/10 Challenge - 6/10 Appeal - 7/10 Game Play - 8/10 Replay Value - 6/10 Overall - 7/10

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