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Reviewed by Inkhands Aladdin was a very popular movie and it was adapted many times to the game format. This version follows the plot of the movie very closely. Basically, Jafar wants the Lamp from the Cave of Wonders to use to take over the world. He sends Aladdin in to get it for him. Aladdin does get the Lamp and the Genie and the story progresses from there. The levels follow the plotline of the movie. They take place in streets and across the rooftops of the town of Agrabah. You then journey into the Cave of Wonders and then out of it. Finally, you move on to the last levels and the final battle. There are a total of nine levels in this game. However, there are three types of levels. Three of the levels are your basic platform climbing and item collecting stages. Avoid enemies, pits, and spikes while picking up keys to use on doors, and bread and apples to refill your energy. Two of the levels consist of magic carpet rides. You soar through the air while avoiding cliffs and falling rocks in one level. In the other you must avoid birds and buildings. The final type of level is the one that is the most interesting and the most fun to play. There are three levels in which the screen scrolls. Aladdin is running on his own. You must jump over barrels and pits, while avoiding someone that is chasing you. Whether it be a guard chasing you or someone else. These levels may be short, but they are very fast paced. Also, they are a little too easy, but it does add something different to the platform jumping levels of most games of this variety. The magic carpet rides play nearly the same way. They are very fast paced and fun to play, but a little too short and easy. The Cave of Wonders level and the Sultan's Palace level are the two longest in this game. They require you to actually do a little thinking, but not much. They also take the most practice to complete. You have a lot of falling obstacles to avoid, keys and stones to pick up, and figuring out how to open doors when you don't have a key. Which really isn't too hard to figure out. It's a little obvious in most of the situations. You begin every game with three hearts. You will lose them all if you are caught by someone or if you fall into a pit. You will only lose half a heart at any time you are hit by a falling rock or a bat. The apple item refills only some of your health, while the bread item refills it all. They appear very frequently in the levels, and that really cuts the challenge factor down. There are no options in this game. You simply start the game and play until you are killed. You have unlimited lives. There isn't even a counter to show you how many lives you have. When you lose a life, you have the option to continue your game or quit. If you continue you start at the beginning of the level, unless you picked up scarab item that lets you start back at the point you picked the scarab up at. If you choose to quit you are given a four character password. This does even more to cut down the challenge factor. There is no difficulty setting and you have unlimited lives. Not merely unlimited continues, but unlimited lives. The challenge is very low in this game. Mostly for the fact you can continue so easily and the frequent amount of apples and bread. The other factors that make this game so easy is the fact most of the levels are short and don't require much skill at all. Only two levels might actually take more than one play to beat. The magic carpet levels and the chase levels are both very easy. They are actually too easy. The control is poor in this game. Jumping is setup very poorly. Sometimes you might jump too far and miss not one ledge, but two. The buttons do not respond well enough and in general Aladdin's jumps are very stiff. You don't have any weapons to use, except occasionally you will pick up a stone and you can throw it at your enemies to stun them. There is a dash in this game that you hit the left or right button twice to complete. If you want to dash right, simply hit right on the directional pad twice. You can also dash and slide under certain areas, such as a low tunnel. You do this by dashing and hitting button one while dashing. This is actually easy to do, once you figure out how to do it. You also have the ability to crouch and sneak around certain obstacles. You simply hold the down button and press button two while down. This is very useful in some points of the game. Both the sliding and tip toeing is easy to do. Probably the hardest thing to do in terms of control, other than jumping, is climbing up and down stairs. It's very annoying and frustrating and hard to do until you figure out the trick to it. I found myself walking back and forth, hitting the down button over and over, but still not being able to move down the stairs. Climbing up the stairs is a little easier, but still very frustrating. The control is certainly the worst thing about this game. The graphics in this game are very good. They are very colorful and they look really detailed considering this is a GameGear game. The backgrounds, particularly on level 2 when you are running across the rooftops with Jasmine look excellent. It is near sunset and you can see the large palace in the background. Inside the palace, the walls look very fancy, complete with shiny things hanging from the immaculate walls. Inside the Cave of Wonders is very dark, until you move into the treasure room. In there you will see piles of gold and it really adds some nice details to the game. The guards all look exactly alike, but they do look pretty well. The Genie, of course, is just large and very blue. Aladdin looks like he does in the movies and he moves very well. He starts out wearing cheap street clothes, including a purple vest and baggy white pants. He then moves on to wearing a white outfit fit for the Prince he is posing as. In between stages the story of the movie is told through sequences and text. These sequences look very good and add to the overall appeal of the game. You can always skip through them if they bore you, but if you happen to not know the story, these sequence fill you in on what is going on. They also just look interesting and give the game a more story like quality. The sound isn't quite as well done. The songs from the movie are included and add to the entire Arabian atmosphere, but they just don't sound very pleasant. The sound effects aren't good either. Just jumping around, opening doors, and throwing rocks. Nothing intersting in terms of the sound effects. The music is good, but nothing special. When you die, you get the same little jingle and for the most part it sounds okay. Overall, the sound is one of the weakest part of the game. It's not as bad as the control, but it's not as good as the graphics are. The replay value is below average. The game is easy the first time through, but it becomes even easier after repeated plays. There are only a couple of levels that provide even a hint of challenge, but once you play them, they are nearly as easy as the other ones. The game is too short, with no secrets. The best levels are the chase levels and the magic carpet rides, but even they become too easy to have much fun with them. Each of them take under a minute to complete. Basically, this is a game that can be finished in a good fifteen or twenty minutes. It's good, but not good enough to play through more once. At the most, you might play through it twice. Overall, poor control and average sound hurt the game. The lack of challenge also hurts the appeal of the game, but most of all there is little to no replay value. The best thing about this game is variety in the game play. Some of those levels are very interesting and fun to play. The graphics are also a highlight in this game, as it is a very nice looking game. Play through it once and that's about it. It's a little too easy and short, also the control can be frustrating sometimes, but it's still enjoyable to play a couple of times. This isn't a game that I would recommend you go out and buy immediately, but it's not one that I would recommend you stay away from either. If you get a chance to play this game though, it might keep you occupied for about twenty minutes. That's about all the appeal you'll find in this game. Graphics - 7/10 Sound - 5/10 Control - 4/10 Challenge - 4/10 Appeal - 6/10 Game Play - 7/10 Replay Value - 4/10 Overall - 6/10

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