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WWF Steel Cage Challenge

023 327 5D5 Start with no energy--Hulk Hogan 4F3 327 5D5 Start with 1/4 energy--Hulk Hogan 6A3 327 5D5 Start with 1/2 energy--Hulk Hogan C03 327 5D5 Start with 3/4 energy--Hulk Hogan 453 8E7 5D5 Start with 1/4 energy-- opponent 6A3 8E7 5D5 Start with 1/2 energy--opponent C03 8E7 5D5 Start with 3/4 energy--opponent 03B BAB C42 Not allowed outside ring for long 003 076 E65 No out-of-ring counter for Hulk Hogan C98 076 6EE Hulk is invincible and so is opponent, who can only be body slammed XXC E05 F7A Stamp takes xx points from opponent XXB EA5 F7A Tummy bump takes 04 FFB 845 A2A Body slam causes max damage 00B 845 A2A Body slam causes no damage 99B 845 A2A Body slam causes 1/2 damage

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