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Vampire Master of Darkness

00B 3AB E6E Infinite time 022 727 E66 Start with 2 lives 072 727 E66 Start with 7 lives 092 727 E66 Start with 9 lives 3A7 02B 2A2 Infinite energy--switch off codes if you get stuck 3A1 2AE 2A2 Infinite lives 3A3 23D 2A2 Infinite ammo for special weapons 3C1 32E 5D4 Die and get special weapons given to you 211 36E 2A2 + 211 39E 2A2 Don't lose special weapons after dying 3E6 FFB 2AA + 207 00B E6E + 007 01B 5D4 Invincibility

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