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Tengen World Cup Soccer

002 D4C 19E Infinite time--switch on to freeze time 002 6DC F7A + 012 6EC F7E 1 min. per half 002 6DC F7A + 052 6EC F7E 5 mins. per half 062 6DC F7A + 002 6EC F7E 60 mins. per half World Cup Mode Codes: 3EF 2BE 082 + 00F 2DE E6D Start with 43 points to use on the edit screen Exhibition Mode Only: 0AF 21E B3A Start with only 10 points on edit screen 2AF 21E B3A Start with 50 points on edit screen 3CF 21E B3A Start with 60 points on edit screen 001 21D 19E Infinite points on edit screen

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